Month: January 2012

Valentine’s Day Topics – Colors

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday for practicing or reviewing a number of vocabulary topics. We particularly like to use it for colors, shapes, counting, and emotions. Colors are some of the first words we teach our students, and like the alphabet and numbers, it is a good idea to practice them often. In almost… Read more »

Weather Topics – The Four Seasons

When talking about the seasons, it can help to have side by side illustrations so that kids can follow along throughout the course of a year. What marks the changes of the seasons? How are the seasons where you live?

Learn the Months

Learn the months of the year. What comes next? Learning the months needs lots of repetition, so be sure to practice them often. In addition to watching The Month’s Chant video, here are some activity ideas for the home or classroom. Jump the Months Type and print a flashcard for each month. Include a picture… Read more »

Our Five Favorite Fingerplay Songs

Fingerplay songs are great for the classroom or at home. In fact, they are great for anytime and anywhere, because the only ‘equipment’ you need is your hands. Kids love to see their hands transformed as they perform the actions. Fingerplay activities engage the creative mind and help with fine motor skill development. And, it’s… Read more »

The Months Chant

What better way to kick off the New Year than with a brand new video? It’s a super simple chant to help kids learn the months of the year. Perfect for back to school after the holiday break or anytime that you want to practice or review the months. The months can be a little… Read more »