About Us

Ever wonder about the history of Super Simple? It all started in a small classroom in Tokyo, Japan, back in 2005. Two of Super Simple’s founders were teaching English to young learners, and knew that they wanted songs to be a major part of their lessons. However, they learned quickly that when songs were too fast, too lyrically complex, or too difficult to follow through gesture and dance, many young learners would simply tune out.

So they started to make their own songs…originals and classics made simple for young learners. They focused on creating songs that were appropriately paced, lyrically simple, full of space for movement, easily taught through gesture, and FUN! They created songs that they hoped any child with developing language skills would be able to enjoy, whether English was their first language or not. The songs were such a big hit that they started to share them with parents and teachers around the world.

Over the years, as the community of parents and teachers using Super Simple Songs with their young learners continued to grow, the Super Simple team continued to grow as well, setting up offices and studio space in Toronto, Canada. With a team full of animators, puppeteers, musicians, and on-air talent, Super Simple now produces songs, music videos, original children’s programs, an award-winning website, and the Super Simple App.

We’re excited to continue on this journey, but our goal today is no different than it was when it all started back in that small classroom in 2005: to make learning and teaching simple and fun!