Caitie’s Classroom

Caitie's Classroom

Caitie’s Classroom is an educational and fun kids show that both children and parents love! Join Caitie in the classroom where we sing, dance, learn, explore, play, and create together! Each episode explores a theme with activities that help shape children’s knowledge, skills, and imagination. There is always something fun happening in Caitie’s Classroom!


Join Caitie for a sing-along! Tune in for your favorite song or pick an episode from the Sing-Along Show where Caitie sings and plays Super Simple Songs on her guitar inspired by themes like cleaning up, colors, animals, and much more!


We love crafts in the classroom! Find instructions for your favorite classroom crafts and try them at home!

Let's Pretend

Close your eyes and use your imagination as Caitie reads from the book of Pretending!