Carl’s Car Wash

Carl’s Car Wash is a suds-sational cartoon for kids who love all kinds of transportation. Tune in each episode to see what kinds of vehicles take a trip through Carl’s fantastic car wash! Fire trucks, garbage trucks, helicopters, even UFOs…everyone knows that Carl’s is the place to go to get all cleaned up.


  • Captain Patrick's Pirate Ship
    Captain Patrick’s Pirate Ship
  • Rosey & The Rowdy Rustlers’ Tour Bus
    Rosey & The Rowdy Rustlers’ Tour Bus
  • Barry's Bucket Truck
    Barry’s Bucket Truck
  • Van Tripp Family Van
    The Van Tripp Family Vacation
  • Tegan's Tow Truck
    Tegan’s Tow Truck
  • Coletta's Crane Truck
    Coletta’s Crane Truck
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