The Bumble Nums

Meet the Bumble Nums – three silly chefs who bounce, climb, fly, and stretch their way to finding the secret ingredient in the day’s special recipe. Once Humble, Grumble, and Stumble make it to their kitchen with the ingredient intact, it’s time to make the dish of the day during the exciting Cooking Countdown! Find out what’s in their cookbook today!


  • Giggling Garbanzo Bean Curry
    Giggling Garbanzo Bean Curry
  • Three Sided Samosas
    Three Sided Samosas
  • Lovely Lima Bean Loaf
    Lovely Lima Bean Loaf
  • Presto Pesto
    Presto Pesto
  • Colossal Cauliflower Crepes
    Colossal Cauliflower Crepes
  • Marching Mashed Potatoes
    Marching Mashed Potatoes
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