Caitie & Tobee Live In Toronto!
Super Simple Concert: Caitie & Tobee Live In Toronto! June 14, 2024

Come sing your favorite Super Simple Songs with Caitie, live in concert! Caitie and her friend Tobee are hitting the stage at the Al Green Theatre in downtown Toronto, Canada on Saturday, August 10th and Sunday, August 11th, 2024!

Super Simple's Redbubble Shop!
Super Simple’s Redbubble Shop!

Our Redbubble shop has it all! Shop our most popular products, or browse designs by clicking the "Explore designs" tab at the top of our shop page. There's a little something for everyone, we hope. Happy shopping!

Five Little Ducks Book
Five Little Ducks Book June 7, 2024

There’s something about ducks, are we right? They light up a toddler’s face in the most adorable way! Practice counting down from five with our latest Scholastic board book that has squish-tastic ducks inside! Buy Now! Enjoy our other Scholastic book titles including: – This Is My Happy Face (board book)– Let’s Go For A... Read more »

Let's Go For A Walk Outside Book!
Let’s Go For A Walk Outside Book! May 24, 2024

Go for a joyful walk with the Rhymington Square monsters in this storybook based on the song “Let’s Go For a Walk Outside.” This paperback book includes one sheet of stickers and a punch out scavenger hunt checklist so you can go on your own adventure or play right at home!

Bumble Nums Pillows!
Bumble Nums Pillows! May 17, 2024

Humble, Stumble, and Grumble make excellent throw pillows, don't you think?

New Songs from Caitie's Classroom - Now Streaming!
New Songs from Caitie’s Classroom – Now Streaming! May 10, 2024

If you’ve been enjoying the music videos from Caitie’s Classroom, you’ll be glad to know that you can now stream those same songs on the go! Songs From Caitie’s Classroom Vol. 4 features four well-loved songs from the YouTube channel Super Simple Play with Caitie.

Super Fun Activity & Coloring Book
Super Fun Activity & Coloring Book May 9, 2024

Grab a pencil or crayon and join the characters from your favorite Super Simple videos in this interactive, full-color activity book! Perfect for on-the-go, it comes with a carry-along handle and 90 stickers.

This Is My Happy Face Board Book!
This Is My Happy Face Board Book! May 3, 2024

This colorful and rhythmic, sturdy board book introduces toddlers and preschoolers to eight essential emotions: Happy, sleepy, angry, surprised, excited, sad, nervous, and silly.

Super Simple Sensory Plush Monsters!
Super Simple Sensory Plush Monsters! April 26, 2024

PLUSH MONSTERS WITH 5+ SENSORY FEATURES: Each soft, plush character has unique textures, sounds and visual details to explore. They make perfect baby shower presents!

Yoto Cards 4-pack!
Yoto Cards 4-pack! April 19, 2024

This collection of songs includes Silly Songs, Bedtime Songs, Happy Songs, and Underwater Songs.

Ooh-wee-ooh! Here Comes Caitie’s Fire Truck Song To Streaming Services!
Songs From Caitie’s Classroom Volume 3 Out now! February 2, 2024

Are you ready for some pretend playtime with Caitie? Caitie’s Classroom Volume 3 is the perfect album to explore colors, get up and move, AND  learn some cool dance moves! Plus, everyone loves singing the ooh-wee-oo’s from the hit song “Here Comes The Fire Truck.”

Super Simple Is On TinyTap!
Super Simple Is On TinyTap! January 22, 2024

Did you know you can find educational games featuring your favorite Super Simple characters and songs on TinyTap? If you haven’t heard, TinyTap is an award-winning app with educational games and interactive lessons from trusted teachers and creators from around the world…including Super Simple! We teamed up with TinyTap to help make learning fun and... Read more »

Super Simple Gift Guide
Super Simple Gift Guide November 6, 2023

It’s almost that special time of year, when Milk And Cookies get plated for Santa, Five Little Elves are busy making toys, the Gingerbread House gets built, and reindeer can be heard Up On The Housetop. That’s right, The Countdown To Christmas is officially ON! And ho ho ho who wouldn’t go take a peek... Read more »

NEW ALBUM: Caitie’s Countdown To Christmas
NEW ALBUM: Caitie’s Countdown To Christmas November 3, 2023

Caitie has a frosty-fresh album of fun Christmas songs for the whole family! If you love the holidays but wish there were new family-friendly songs, your wish has come true! Caitie is a music lover at heart and wanted to create Christmas music that everyone could enjoy, no matter their age. Recorded with live musicians in Toronto, this collection of songs is a bit different from the regular songs you might be used to hearing from Caitie’s Classroom…get ready to get a little funky! A little jazzy! And to sing-along with fun call-and-response breakdowns! There’s brand new original songs and fun takes on a few holiday classics. We are celebrating Christmas in style this year, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

NEW ALBUM: Hello Hello! And More Noodle & Pals Songs
NEW ALBUM: Hello Hello! And More Noodle & Pals Songs September 1, 2023

Noodle & Pals have some new songs and fresh mixes of Super Simple classics available today! Music is our favorite classroom tool for teaching new vocabulary to preschoolers and ESL students. The rhythm and repetition help students learn in an effective and fun way!

Finny The Shark Week
It’s Finny The Shark Week! July 12, 2023

This July 12- 21st, we’re celebrating all things Finny The Shark! Dive into all the fun we have planned, including the first-ever Finny The Shark Interactive Map! Kids will love to see where Finny swims to each and every day of Finny The Shark Week. Think of this week as Finny The Shark Camp, with... Read more »

Super Simple Presents...Caitie In Concert at The CNE!
Super Simple Presents…Caitie In Concert at The CNE! July 3, 2023

For the first time ever, Super Simple is hitting the stage! Join Caitie and her friend Tobee as they sing and dance their way through your favorite Super Simple Songs this summer at The CNE! The Canadian National Exhibition, also known as The CNE, The Exhibition, or The Ex, is an annual event that takes... Read more »

Yoto and Super Simple, together at last!
Yoto and Super Simple, together at last! July 1, 2023

We’re excited to offer a 4-card pack of Super Simple Songs with over two hours of music combined! Whether it’s time for singing and dancing, playing and being silly, or settling down for a quiet nap, you can bet we have a song for it.  Our collection includes: Curious about what songs are included on... Read more »

Fun Summer Songs With Finny The Shark
Fun Summer Songs With Finny The Shark June 30, 2023

Want fresh summer jams for a sun-sational summer vacation? Beat the heat and splash into the sea with Finny The Shark and the latest album Fun Summer Songs! This picnic-sized album includes the songs “I Love The Ocean”, “Shelly The Snail”, “Let’s Take A Picture”, “I Have A Friend”, and “Red Light, Green Light”, all featuring the voices of your favorite Finny The Shark characters from the reef. Stream it wherever you listen to your music, and have a fin-tastic summer! 

NEW ALBUM: Songs From Caitie’s Classroom: Vol. 2
NEW ALBUM: Songs From Caitie’s Classroom: Vol. 2 June 16, 2023

Songs From Caitie’s Classroom Vol. 2 is an energising collection of Super Simple songs, brought to life by Caitie of Caitie’s Classroom. Kids can follow along with Caitie as she guides them through each song with fun prompts to sing and move with her.  Ask your smart speaker for Caitie’s Classroom! Songs from this collection include: Pizza Party, Let’s Count To 100, Once I Caught A Fish Alive, and Six In The Bed.

Caitie's Classroom Sing-Along Album
Caitie’s Classroom Sing-Along Songs: The Album May 19, 2023

Invite Caitie and her guitar over for some classic kids songs with a Caitie twist! The latest album from Caitie’s Classroom is an all-acoustic, energy-filled invitation to get up and move and groove with Caitie. From letters and numbers practice to classic kids songs, this album covers everything a preschooler could need and more.

Let's Go For A Swim
ALBUM: Let’s Go For A Swim (Finny The Shark) May 15, 2023

Just in time for summer, splash into the sea with Finny The Shark songs! Perfect poolside and at preschool, this album includes the songs “Let’s Go For A Swim Outside”, “What Do You Like To Do?”, “Hide And Seek”, “The Fish Go Swimming”, and “Keep On Swimming”. Stream the new album wherever you listen to music.

Brush Your Teeth With Finny The Shark
Brush Your Teeth With Finny The Shark April 14, 2023

Listen Get ready to hit play and brush, brush, brush your teeth with Finny The Shark! This is the second album for Finny The Shark, featuring some classic kids songs from Super Simple. Songs included on this album are Brush Your Teeth, I See Something Pink, Mr. Golden Sun, What’s Your Name?, and Star Light... Read more »

ANNOUNCING: The Super Simple Podcast
ANNOUNCING: The Super Simple Podcast February 14, 2023

If you’re on the go or want to take it slow, download and subscribe to The Super Simple Podcast, a musical imagination adventure inspired by Super Simple’s popular songs. Each episode takes you on an imagination adventure filled with creativity, music, and teaching moments for social-emotional development. It’s a great screen time alternative that’s perfect... Read more »

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