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Super Simple Christmas Advent Calendar
Super Simple Christmas Advent Calendar

Introducing a festive advent calendar without the sugar high! It’s an advent calendar that’s all about music, fun episodes suited for the season, AND a bonus secret message from Santa himself! We are so excited to give our Super Simple fam this free printable advent calendar – all you need is your smartphone to scan... Read more »

Super Simple Christmas Advent Calendar
Super Simple Christmas Advent Calendar Printable

Introducing a festive advent calendar without the sugar high! Scan the respective QR code on your smartphone each day in December to view a special video from Super Simple that helps celebrate the season. But that’s not all! For some extra cheer, in each video description you’ll find part of a message from Santa! Collect... Read more »

Ten Treetop Family Activities
Ten Treetop Family Activities

Welcome to the old oak tree, where our Treetop Family lives! The squirrels, sparrows, raccoons and mice have lots of lovely adventures out here in nature, and we’d love for you to join in, so we put together a list of ten Treetop Family activities for you to enjoy. These activities are perfect for when... Read more »

Summer Activities from Super Simple
Summer Activities from Super Simple

Summer is here! With the warmer weather comes the exciting promise of more outdoor activities and fun that can only be had during the summer months. We have some wonderful Super Simple summer time activities to get you started! Bumble Nums Inspired Popsicles Summer is the perfect time for popsicles! These popsicle flavors are inspired... Read more »

Lily Pads & Leaping Frog Counting Activity
Lily Pads & Leaping Frog Counting Activity

1, 2, 3! Hop, hop hop! This leaping frog activity is a super simple and fun way to practice counting with little ones. Learning through play is a wonderful way to practice numbers and counting, as well as developing a child’s confidence and independence. This activity is straightforward to make, and offers a few variations... Read more »

Flower Dyeing Activity
Flower Dyeing Activity

Flowers are blooming everywhere you look these days! This is a beautiful experiment you can do with your little ones for some color fun, and for a simple lesson to demonstrate that plants need water. You can create flowers all the same color, or make a rainbow bouquet! We also experimented with carefully splitting a... Read more »

Crayon Suncatchers in window
Melted Crayon Suncatchers

Summer is around the corner! The days are longer and lighter as we approach the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Here’s a craft to help you catch those lovely sunbeams. There are a few steps to this project, but all of them are fun and simple. We’re going to make wax crayon... Read more »

Let's Make Friendship Bracelets
Let’s Make Friendship Bracelets

Calling all besties, bff’s, friends, classmates and neighbors! Who loves their friends and wants to show them some love with a gift? Friendship bracelets are a camp classic rainy day activity and a great way to show the world who we love and who loves us back. We’re also fans of making yourself some friendship... Read more »

Make At Home Play Snow Activity
Make At Home Play Snow Activity

Snow can be spectacular. It’s beautiful to see and can be lots of fun to play in. It can also be a lot of work! Having to get on our boots and hats and mittens because it’s so cold. And what if it doesn’t snow where you live? This simple play snow recipe gives you... Read more »

Dance Party
Dance Party

Welcome to the classroom! We love to play, learn, create and sing together in the classroom, and we’d like to encourage our classroom friends to keep learning and playing at home once Caitie’s Classroom is over. We’ve put together activities and resources so the playing, learning, creating and singing doesn’t have to stop once Caitie... Read more »

Imaginative Play: Small World of Dinosaurs
Imaginative Play: Small World of Dinosaurs

Imaginative play has wonderful benefits for children’s development. Experts find that children who engage in pretending are more creative, perform better in school, and develop a strong problem-solving approach to learning. In this dinosaur themed activity, most of the fun comes from using our imagination to build the world of dinosaurs. You can use anything... Read more »

Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Natural Homemade Face Mask

Mother’s Day. I can almost hear the blood draining from Father’s faces around the globe as they scramble to get something together ‘from’ the kids because it’s been forgotten. Fear not men and women of the world, we have you covered! While Mother’s Day is one of the highest grossing holidays for people buying flowers,... Read more »

Making It Rain
Right as Rain: The Water Cycle

Did you know that you can make it rain in your own kitchen? Here’s what you need: Plate Refrigerator Water Kettle First, put the plate in the refrigerator overnight. It needs to be nice and cold for this activity. With an adult’s help, fill the kettle with water and turn it on. When it starts... Read more »

Reading a book together
Let’s read together: three steps for a super special storytime

By Lorraine Akemann, marketing and outreach, Khan Academy Kids One of my favorite parts of early parenting was storytime at the local library. As a mother of two—now teenage—daughters, some of my fondest memories involve spending time reading to them from the library’s bountiful selection of children’s books. I’m happy to report that although my... Read more »

Treasure Chest Sensory Bin

Oh Arrrr me hearties! Today we have a fantastically sensory based treasure chest for your little pirates. Using items you have lying around the house, in your dress up boxes or toy cupboards, anything that could be used to fill up your very own personalized chest of loot for your children! Simply gather them together... Read more »

Painting with Magnets!
Painting with Magnets!

Hurray for magnets! Magnets can seem like magic to little ones, and are wonderful learning tools. Go around your house with your little one and find things that are magnetic. Use your magnet wand to test the objects and gather them together to use in this art activity! The magnets will create an interesting design... Read more »

Invisible Ink Lemon Trail
Invisible Ink Treasure Map

Ahoy! Welcome to pirate month you landlubbers! We will soon make pirate me hearties out of the lot of yer! Pirates aren’t so bad laddies. Why I bet you’d love what we love to do. Any guesses? Ai! When we’re not looting other ships we be treasure hunting! But to get on our way we... Read more »

Clay Donut Magnets

This craft may look like your favourite whimsical sugary treat, but don’t try a bite! These clay donuts are fun and easy to make, and when you’re done you can decorate your fridge with them. Donuts come in so many different varieties; we’ve made some traditional flavours as well as some very unusual ones. Can... Read more »

Dinosaur Scratch Card
Dinosaur Scratch Card

These super fun dinosaur scratch cards are so much fun to make and play with! Get the instructions and your own printable skeletons here.

Storytime Yoga
Getting Started with Storytime Yoga

How I Got Started Getting into storytime yoga was a fairly easy transition for me, as I wanted to be able to teach classes that I was also able to bring my toddler to. I am very lucky to teach yoga in a massage therapy clinic whose owner is very supportive of offering activities for... Read more »

More Circle Time
More Circle Time!

A few months ago I wrote about Circle Time, a great way to keep a group of kids entertained and/or focused. I gave you three Circle Time games to try the next time you find yourself with a group of kids and now I have three more to share! Counting Circle This game is great... Read more »

moon experiment
Phases of the Moon

Sometimes the moon looks like a circle, sometimes it looks like a crescent, and sometimes you can’t see it at all. What’s going on? The moon never actually changes shape: it’s always a sphere, like a ball or an orange. But it looks different at different times because of the relationship between the moon, the... Read more »

Arctic Habitat Diorama

Cast your mind back, back to the time you learned things that left you wide-eyed and awestruck. When you were learning about the Earth you live in for the first time. You were probably a lot smaller then you are now, likely less tired(?!), but with a fresh young brain that soaked up information like... Read more »

blanket forts
Why Blanket Forts are Amazing!

The definition of a Blanket Fort: A den constructed indoors, made of sheets, blankets, cushions, pillows, clothes pegs, elastic bands and fairy lights. Though specifically made for children, all ages welcome. This space becomes a place for whispers or shouts, quiet time or raucous time, watching films or playing, getting cuddly and cozy or… fort... Read more »

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