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Easter Egg Decorating Activity
Easter Egg Decorating Activity

It’s almost Easter! Do you enjoy decorating eggs with your family or classroom? What about an Easter egg hunt outside or around the house? With a super simple recipe, this traditional activity will feel fresh, festive, and fun. Okay, Easter bunnies. Let’s “hop” to it!  Things you’ll need Eggs (white shells work best)  Water  White... Read more »

The Only Banana Bread Recipe You'll Ever Need
The Only Banana Bread Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Stop the presses! Or should I say, stop searching blog after blog for the best banana recipe, because you’ve finally found it – the only banana bread recipe you’ll ever need. There are few things more comforting than baking a banana bread on a Sunday afternoon, letting your house fill with the scent of warm... Read more »

Pantry Staples - Pasta e Fagiole
Pantry Staples – Pasta e Fagiole

Sometimes you don’t have time to make it to the grocery store; sometimes the weather is terrible and you don’t want to leave the house. Sometimes you just want to throw something together with what you have on hand, and have it be even more delicious than ordering delivery. There are always a few ingredients... Read more »

Make Food Fun for Kids with Food Art
Make Food Fun for Kids with Food Art

We shouldn’t play with our food, but we can make it look really fun! Super Simple has some great resources on nutrition and tips for picky eaters, but this time it’s all about the fun and beauty of food art. We’ve paired each of these food art pieces with a Super Simple Song so you... Read more »

Pretzel Christmas Trees
Pretzel Christmas Trees

The Holidays are an exciting and busy time of year. Between preparing treats and keeping children occupied, it’s a wonder we have time to deck the halls at all. Hopefully these little pretzel Christmas trees keep it super simple with a quick recipe while also making a fun and inclusive activity for kids or anyone... Read more »

Blueberry Muffins Recipe from The Muffin Man
Blueberry Muffins Recipe from The Muffin Man!

Hi Everyone! It’s The Muffin Man, here! I love blueberry muffins! Try making these simple and delicious blueberry muffins, and then eat them while watching me on The Muffin Man episode of Sing Along With Tobee. I can’t think of anything better…. Yum! Ingredients 2 cups flour 2 tsp baking powder ¼ tsp baking soda... Read more »

Healthy Habits for Warm Weather
Healthy Habits for Warm Weather

Spring has sprung! Or almost, at least! When I think of Spring and Summer time I think of being outside, swimming, enjoying the sunshine and when it comes to food – I think of cooling, delicious, healthy foods that work well for ourselves and our children’s bodies. When we eat foods that are local and... Read more »

Easter Cookies
Mini Eggs Easter Cookies

Easter is the first real sign of spring here, when the first buds of green pop up on trees and the mornings become sunnier and warmer with each day that passes. The best thing about Easter is not only getting together with family for a big dinner, but the afternoons on the holiday weekend spent... Read more »

Unlocking the Treasure Box of Nutrition from A to Z?
Unlocking the Treasure Box of Nutrition from A to Z

There is a lot of nutrition content available these days, but sometimes finding accurate and applicable vitamin and mineral information can be like looking for a lost treasure box! Also, finding nutrient-dense recipes that are kid-approved can add to the search. To help you on your journey, I have pulled together 5 of the top... Read more »

Domino Cookies
Edible STEM: Domino Cookies

Teaching math to children doesn’t have to be boring. STEM teaching is all about teaching children in a fun and exciting way that helps excel and put into practice learning. To inspire the next generation of potential Scientists, Technological workers, Engineers and Mathematicians. Back in the days of our own learning, math could be a... Read more »

Valentine Gummies
Berry Orange Heart Gummies

The day of love is almost here and what a better way to celebrate than with some homemade sweets! These gummies are a great alternative to the commercially made versions as they contain real fruit juice and a little extra love. You’ll need: 2¼ cups diced strawberries ¼ cup lemon juice ½ cup orange juice... Read more »

Valentine's Snack
Valentine’s Snacktivity Round Up

February….a month of all things red, pink, sweet, and full of love! I like to get my kids involved with making red and pink foods all month long that are tasty, nutritious, and not loaded with sugar! One idea is to add roasted beets, beet powder, red peppers, or fresh/frozen berries to your favourite pancake,... Read more »

Variety of Docinhos
Docinhos – The Brazilian Treat!

Let’s make some docinhos! These delicious small treats are so easy and fun to make. Perfect for any occasion – especially Valentine’s Day! These are a perfect recipe to get the children involved in the kitchen. They can roll the little balls and help decorate them. Now, let the fun begin! Some History Docinhos are... Read more »

Hot Chocolate
Super Simple Hot Chocolate

Making your own hot chocolate is no more difficult than making instant powdered hot chocolate, and this way you can control how much sugar you want to use and types of chocolate.  As a chocolatier, I will always insist on quality chocolate and cocoa powder. Callebaut, Cacao Barry and Valrhona are all easily accessible for... Read more »

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate
Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Sticks & Marshmallow Snowmen

Christmas. Pretty hectic time of year right? By November your diary is rapidly filling up for December. Work parties, school parties, children’s nativity, carol singing, light switch on, mall Santa trips, present buying, baking, decorating. It’s easy for the whole of the festive season to fly by without actually spending a moment to breathe and... Read more »

Cranberry Almond Bark
Cranberry Almond Bark

Ingredients: Whole almonds – 250g Triple Sec (or vanilla extract) – 15ml Sugar – 20g Dried Cranberries – 200g Dark Chocolate – 500g It is very important to use good quality chocolate; you will impress even those with very discerning taste!  I use Callebaut and it can be easily found at your local big brand... Read more »

Holistic Milk Alternatives
Holistic Alternatives to Dairy

Many babies and toddlers develop sensitivities to dairy. The truth is that dairy is not natural to human beings, meaning that our bodies don’t always recognize the ingredients and break them down properly in order to be digested well and entirely. Although dairy may have benefits, it can be very irritating to our digestive system.... Read more »

healthy christmas treats
Healthy Christmas Treats

Cookies for Santa Clause and carrots for the Reindeer…it’s all about balance! But sometimes, during the holiday season, there can be an imbalance of less nutrient-dense foods and more sugar-packed treats. If you are looking to add a few more healthy snacks to your holiday spread without sacrificing on taste or presentation I’ve got you... Read more »

gingerbread people
Gingerbread People

‘Tis the season of pine trees and twinkly lights and spending Sundays inside baking gingerbread cookies as the snow swirls outside of your window. Baking gingerbread cookies is one of the best parts of the holiday season for so many reasons: it’s a fun way to bring the family together and get creative, and the... Read more »

Spinach Feta Phyllo Cups
Spinach Feta Phyllo Cups

Growing up with Greek friends I learned to make Spanakopita from their Yia Yia’s and this is an easy take on the beautiful triangles I was taught to make.  Same ingredients, just a different presentation. Ingredients: 1 package of frozen phyllo dough (defrosted overnight) 500g frozen spinach (thawed and drained well) 1 tablespoon olive oil... Read more »

3D Christmas Tree Cookies
Three-dimensional Christmas Tree Cookies

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree How lovely are thy branches O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree How lovely are thy branches Your boughs so green in summertime Stay bravely green in wintertime O Tannenbaum, O Christmas tree How lovely are thy branches Perhaps you have a Christmas party you want to impress your guests... Read more »

fun meal times
Making Meal Time Fun & Appealing

Do you have a picky eater on your hands? Is it tough to get your child to eat their vegetables? As parents, we can sometimes feel like we’re failing if our children aren’t eating things that we know are good for them. They may throw the food they don’t like on the floor or refuse... Read more »

chicken noodle soup
Chicken NOODLE Soup

The leaves have almost all fallen and there’s a chill in the air – one that can only be lessened with a big bowl of hearty soup. Whether you feel a cold coming on, or just want to eat something that feels like a warm hug, classic chicken noodle soup is the cure. Packed full... Read more »

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