Finished Bird Feeders
Make Your Own Bird Feeder

Make and hang your own bird feeder made from recycled things we don’t need anymore, and make some new bird friends! The birds will be very happy you did! Tweet Tweet! Materials milk or juice carton (make sure you rinse it out) craft paint spray primer for plastic paint brushes marker utility knife / scissors... Read more »

Let's Make Bird Feeders
Let’s Make Bird Feeders

Let’s make a bird feeder craft together using recycled materials! Caitie has all the easy to follow step by step instructions. Watch and learn.

Cubist Collage
The Cubists and Collage: Creating Your Own Recyclable Collages

Creating collages is not uncommon in any elementary school or house with children residing in it. In fact, having children and collages sort of come hand in hand. It is a tactile way of learning and creating something that isn’t just done with a pen or pencil. But do you know when the ‘collage’ caught... Read more »

Bumble Nums Food
DIY Bumble Nums Groceries

Have you been watching the new episodes of The Bumble Nums and wishing you had some Sparkling Strawberries or Ballooning Blueberries? We’ve made a fun printable so you can make your own Bumble Nums inspired delicacies at home, all you need are some recyclables and some imagination! YUM! What you will need printouts scissors craft... Read more »

winter animal collage
Winter Animal Collage

Many animals use camouflage to blend into the environments where they live; matching the colors or patterns around them can help prey to stay safe from predators, and predators to be stealthy hunters. With this collage project we’re going to look at three animals that have adapted to blend into a wintery landscape: the polar... Read more »

Sparkly Twig Snowflakes
Sparkly Twig Snowflakes

You’ve probably heard it said that no two snowflakes are alike; as they fall through the Earth’s atmosphere and are exposed to different temperatures and humidities, they develop complex, unpredictable, and wildly varying patterns. The snowflakes in this craft are especially unique! We’re going to start by gathering twigs to build them out of; then... Read more »

DIY Winter Snow Globes

Winter has arrived in the Northern hemisphere, so we are learning about all things winter! Everyone loves a winter scene – snow-covered landscape, animals, snowmen, snowflakes. Today we will be making a little penguin Winter Snow Globe of the Antarctic or South Pole. Who had a snow globe growing up? Those little glass snowy scenes that... Read more »

DIY Musical Instrument
The Super Simple Show: Music and Dance

“Arts education is a big part of building a 21st century creative mind, and I think that we have let way too many kids lose their way by not drawing in their young minds with music, dance, painting and the other various ways we can express those things we do not have words for.” –... Read more »

bubble snake
Bubble Snake

Today on Caitie’s Classroom, we’re talking all about baths! Here is a fun activity you can do with soap suds. Are you ready to make your own bubbly snake? Materials sock dish soap small dish with water rubber bands small empty water bottle craft knife scissors Steps 1. With a craft knife pierce a hole at... Read more »

Alexander Calder
Alexander Calder and Kinetic Art: Creating Your Own Nature Mobile

Alexander Calder (American abstract sculptor, 1898-1976), was a pioneer of Kinetic Art and is considered by the art world as one of the most important figures of American 20th century sculpture. Born into a family of artists, his grandfather and father were both sculptors and his mother was a painter. From studying mechanical engineering at... Read more »

tissue box monsters
Tissue Box Monsters

Materials tissue box craft paint glue stick marker/pen Things to decorate googly eyes pipe cleaner egg carton or foam balls for eyes buttons stickers fun fur fun foam construction paper feathers Steps Remove inner plastic film from the box.  Prime and paint your box with craft paint or use spray paint for quicker results. Leave to... Read more »

make your own recycled blocks
Make Your Own Recycled Blocks

This project has it all – an engaging activity for little ones, a fun and colorful craft, and it’s mostly made with materials you probably already have in your recycling bin! These blocks are simple to make, and the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination soar as high as the skyscrapers! Materials toilet paper rolls... Read more »

DIY Fish Aquarium using recycled CDs
Make Your Own Fish Aquarium using CDs!

Today, Caitie’s Classroom is all about Cleaning Up! We’re going to make a fish aquarium using upcycled materials from around the house. This is a fun craft to do, while recycling materials you may not use anymore. Here is what you need: Fish CDs tissue paper small piece of construction paper permanent markers scissors, or waived edge... Read more »

Water bottle Greenhouse
Water Bottle Greenhouse

People buy a lot of bottled water. But the trouble is that the bottles are used only once, and then thrown away. Here’s an activity where you can use a bottle again, to make something good happen. You need: Clear plastic bottle, any size Egg carton Soil Spoon ( to mix and scoop soil) Spray... Read more »

DIY Carl's Cardboard Car
DIY Cardboard Car

It is Summertime! The kids are off on holiday, playgroups have died down for the break and your children have itchy feet. Stressful right? Well, we are here to help! Here is an easy distraction for them – Carl’s Carwash Cardboard Car! If you, the adult are willing to put in a little bit of... Read more »

Finley's Factory
Make Your Own Finley!

Recycling isn’t only good for our planet but it also leads to a great resource of craft materials. Take paper rolls, for instance. With a little imagination, they can be turned into anything, from binoculars and animals to cars and trains. Today we’re using one to create our friend Finley. Supplies: paper roll ivory paint... Read more »

Monster Pet Rocks
Make Your Own Pet Rock

Are you ready to make your own Super Simple Monsters? What you’ll need smooth round rocks multi-colored craft paint googley eyes glue stick pom poms permanent black marker paint brush cotton swabs fun fur Steps Prime rocks with white craft paint. Paint the base color. Add details. Teeth are made by dipping the end of... Read more »

Child Stacking Rocks
Let’s Learn about Land Art!

What is it? Land Art or Earth Art is created directly into the landscape. It uses products from the Earth itself and creates something with them. It can be created in situ (right there) or it can be recreated as installations in a gallery. The majority of these works of art are made in the... Read more »

Mother Nature Paint Brushes

Nature. It gives us everything we need to survive. Some remote civilizations still live solely by what they can sow, hunt and make from the ground they live on. Our prehistoric ancestors were knowledgeable in what we could utilize from Mother Nature. Trees gave shelter and were used to create places to dwell, plants and... Read more »

Animal Nature Activity
Foraging Animals Printable

Spring has arrived and with it, hopefully for most people in the Northern Hemisphere at least, the days are getting longer and the weather more tolerable! We know the temptation of just staying indoors. It’s easier. You don’t have to battle with changing a last minute diaper, battling with boots and waterproof jackets and pants.... Read more »

DIY Bug Hotel
Bug Hotel

A home for bugs and creepy crawlies. Whether you like them or hate them, they are part of our world and play an important part in our ecosystem. Like any creature living on our planet, whether that is a human or a bug, we all need somewhere to call home. Creating somewhere for these critters... Read more »

Peekaboo Cat and Dinosaur Planter
Super Simple Recycled Plastic Bottle Planters

Did you know that this Sunday, April 22nd is Earth Day? This year’s theme is Plastic Pollution, so we’ve created an activity that can upcycle a plastic bottle you already have at home. Before we get started, here are some important facts on plastic pollution: Plastic in the ocean is a terrible problem. But there... Read more »