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DIY Rainbow Pasta for Sensory Play
DIY Rainbow Pasta for Sensory Play

We all know that learning for little ones is rooted in play, and sensory play is one of our favorite ways to learn! Sensory play promotes creativity, curiosity, exploration, and problem-solving. There are so many ways you can use sensory play and so many different kinds of sensory material. One of our favorite ways to... Read more »

Summer Activities from Super Simple
Summer Activities from Super Simple

Summer is here! With the warmer weather comes the exciting promise of more outdoor activities and fun that can only be had during the summer months. We have some wonderful Super Simple summer time activities to get you started! Bumble Nums Inspired Popsicles Summer is the perfect time for popsicles! These popsicle flavors are inspired... Read more »

Colors in a Bag - No Mess Sensory Play
Colors in a Bag – No Mess Sensory Play

We love colors! And we love sensory play! This homemade no-mess sensory activity is colorful and full of learning opportunities. Little ones will love squishing the colors, and grown ups might like to give it a try, too! Things you’ll need large and heavy duty resealable zipper storage bag clear packing tape 8.5 x 11... Read more »

Dinosaur Themed Sensory Play
Dinosaur Themed Sensory Play

Dinosaurs and play dough. The perfect combination for a whole lot of play! Sometimes getting the play dough out with your normal tools is enough to keep your children occupied… and sometimes it’s not! Children without a doubt require some sort of sensory play on a week to week basis. It allows them to switch... Read more »

Test Your Senses!
Test Your Senses!

Our five senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch – are the way we sense the world. But many animals have senses with very different abilities from ours, so they perceive the world differently than we do. You could say that we live in different worlds. Bees can see colours that people can’t, a... Read more »

Treasure Chest Sensory Bin

Oh Arrrr me hearties! Today we have a fantastically sensory based treasure chest for your little pirates. Using items you have lying around the house, in your dress up boxes or toy cupboards, anything that could be used to fill up your very own personalized chest of loot for your children! Simply gather them together... Read more »

colored foam soap
Colored Soap Foam

Who doesn’t love a good bubble bath? For little ones, bubbles may be the highlight of bath time, or the reason to get into the bath in the first place! For them, bath time isn’t always about getting clean, but about having fun in the water. And why not? These days, with a great variety... Read more »

sensory bottles
Sink or Float Sensory Bottles

Oil & Water Sensory Bottles Materials Baby oil or Canola oil water large glass water-based food coloring oil-based food coloring for candy bottles Steps Fill bottle up one-third of the way with water and add water-based food coloring until you reach your desired color. Add lid and shake If you chose to color the oil, pour... Read more »

Super Simple Slime
Slime and Sensory Play

Milk and juice are liquids: they flow, and they don’t hold their shape. Wood and rocks are solids: they hold their shape, and they don’t flow. But slime is different. When you pour it, it flows like a liquid. But when you squeeze it or slap it, it feels like a solid. All the stuff... Read more »

edible construction sensory bin
Edible Construction Sensory Bin

Welcome to the Edible Construction Sensory Bin! Today we will be exploring what construction people do through the medium of sensory play! I am yet to meet a child that does not love a tractor, digger, dump truck, bulldozer, fire engine, police car or garbage truck or really any vehicle that is big and has... Read more »

Soap Sculpture Exploration

Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975) Who? A British Sculptor and leading artist in the international art scene. Her career spanned the course of five decades and she was the first female modernist sculptor. She studied and worked alongside the equally infamous British sculptor, Henry Moore. Both were pioneers of the avant-garde movement and method of ‘Direct Carving’.... Read more »

Ice Cube Painting
H2Whoa! Painting with Ice Cubes

Art. What is it? It is an age-old question that artists and philosophers have been contemplating, debating and creating since the beginning of human existence. Humanity are a species who cannot help but be creative. It is a tale as old as time. Prehistoric cave people painted their caves, carved bones and made jewellery and... Read more »

Beach Sensory Bin
Make Your Own Beach Sensory Bin

Four steps to creating a sensory bin: Find a container. They should be shallow. It could be anything like a large plastic food container, under bed plastic box storage or even a water/ sand table on legs. It doesn’t have to be transparent either, though we like it when it is as it adds another... Read more »