February 14, 2023

ANNOUNCING: The Super Simple Podcast

ANNOUNCING: The Super Simple Podcast

If you’re on the go or want to take it slow, download and subscribe to The Super Simple Podcast, a musical imagination adventure inspired by Super Simple’s popular songs.

Each episode takes you on an imagination adventure filled with creativity, music, and teaching moments for social-emotional development. It’s a great screen time alternative that’s perfect for car rides, winding down before bed, and enhancing play time!

Caitie and her piano-playing pal Zach guide us through a mindfulness activity before we head off on a delightful journey through our imaginations. Packed with familiar melodies and new tunes, The Super Simple Podcast creates a calming atmosphere for little ones and gives them a chance to slow down and explore their feelings.

Find The Super Simple Podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts – new episodes are released every month. Subscribe so you never miss a new release and download the episodes to listen on the go!

PODCAST: https://SuperSimplePodcast.lnk.to/Listen