Birds On A Wire Craft

Birds On A Wire Craft

We have a beautiful craft that is fun and educational for young artists and little hands. You can create different environments such as warm deserts, soft sunsets, forests or mountainscapes. Whatever you come up with, the birds are sure to enjoy the spectacular view! 

This craft is perfect to add to a lesson about birds or nature, colors, perspective and even light and shadows. Ripping the paper is good practice for small hands and layering the hills is fun and creates a magical image when you’re done. 

Let’s get started! 

Birds On A Wire Craft

Things you’ll need

  • Construction paper – various shades
  • Construction paper – black
  • Jar lids – one large and one small 
  • White pencil
  • Black marker
  • Glue stick
Birds On A Wire Craft

Begin by choosing colors that inspire your landscape, then ripping the paper into mountain ranges or treelines in the distance. Once you have your layers of ripped paper, glue them down onto a sheet of paper that is the color of your sky.

Birds On A Wire Craft

Next, draw a wire in the centre of your paper with a black marker.

Birds On A Wire Craft

Trace out your bird shapes using a white pencil on black construction paper. Start by tracing two jar lids of different sizes. The large lid is for the bird’s body and the smaller lid is for the head. Draw a wedge for the tail and a triangle for the beak.

Birds On A Wire Craft

Arrange your bird shapes on the wire and glue them in place, starting with the tail and finishing with the beak.

Birds On A Wire Craft

Q: Why do hummingbirds hum? 
A: Because they don’t know the words! 

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