Christmas Topics – Prepositions of Place

Prepositions of Place

Prepositions of place can be a little hard to conceptualize with just words. In, on, under, next to, in front of and behind can be confusing. Using props and demonstrating location through gestures and manipulatives can help young learners understand this concept. But kids really grasp the idea when they are looking for something…or someone.

“Santa, Where Are You?” is a great way to introduce or review simple prepositions of place with kids by looking for Santa.

As with any concept, repetition reinforces the learning of new vocabulary. Everyone learns in different ways, so it’s good to incorporate a variety of activities into your lessons. Some students are better with visuals. For them, flashcards are great. Other students remember more easily when they can touch and move things around. And for almost everyone, songs and gestures make a lesson fun and new language easy to remember.

“Santa, Where Are You?” lends itself to all of these methods. There are so many ways to use this song, we couldn’t fit them all into one lesson!

On the “Santa, Where Are You?” song page, you’ll find free downloadable picture cards, worksheets, and three versions of the “Santa, Where are You?” game to help practice prepositions.

Here are more ideas for ways to use this song.

Play Hide and Seek with Santa

Take out the Santa mini card or a small Santa figurine. Have the children close their eyes and count to ten while the you hide Santa in the room. Be sure to put him somewhere that will allow you to practice the target language by using a preposition. Put him under a book, on the television, or behind the pillow. Students can ask questions about his location. Give hints such as “Santa is under the plant,” or “Santa is in the box.”  Whoever finds Santa gets to hide him the next time.

Where is Santa? with magnets

Have the kids draw Santa on a small magnetic sheet. On a large sheet, draw a tree, sleigh and house. You can practice additional prepositions as well. Have the children put Santa in different places as they practice aloud. “Santa is on the rooftop,” “Santa is under the tree,” “Santa is next to the sleigh,” etc.

Thanks to Sujeong of MILK English in South Korea for this great idea! Watch their Santa, Where Are You? YouTube video to see the MILK kids in action.

Sing the song

Are you having a Christmas party with Santa this year? “Santa, Where Are You?” is the perfect way to welcome him into the room. Just before Santa is set to arrive at the party, sing the song. At the end of the song, Santa can make his big entrance! Sing the song in the classroom, in the car or at home for the few weeks prior to the party so the kids will be ready to welcome Santa upon his arrival. Don’t forget to practice the gestures as well.

Watch the video and sing along

“Santa, Where Are You” is super simple to teach and learn. Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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