Dinosaur Family Fingerprint for Father’s Day

‘You can have all the money in the world, but there’s one thing you will never have…a dinosaur’
Homer Simpson

Well, I suppose that is the truth, a live one at least. However, I think we can all agree that dinosaurs are still ‘rawrsome’ enough to have on your wall! I haven’t met a single Daddy yet that doesn’t like dinosaurs, so I reckon a dinosaur related Father’s Day present is a pretty safe bet. To help celebrate, we present a super simple family dinosaur fingerprint picture that you will want to frame and hang on the wall once it’s finished! It’s easy, it’s fun and we can guarantee yours will be one of a kind! With your own unique fingerprints and choice of dinosaurs, there won’t be another one like it in the universe and beyond! Now that is a pretty cool present.

Father's Day - Dinosaur Family Fingerprint - Finished Product

So buckle up, read up on dinosaurs, treat your Daddies to some dinosaur jokes and get them involved with a Father’s Day craft that they can cherish forever.

Some dino jokes:

What do you call a dinosaur that plays with fireworks?
A Dino-mite!

What do you call a dinosaur whose boat sinks?
A tyrannosaurus wreck!

What is a sleeping dinosaur called?
A Stegasnorus!

Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom?
Because the P is silent!

What do you say when playing hide and seek with a dinosaur?

Father's Day - Dinosaur Family Fingerprint - Pen Work

What you will need:

  • White card
  • Ink pad (we used green for dinosaurs bodies)
  • A finger from every member of your families hands!
  • Letter stamps or just a pen
  • Thin black pen


  1. In the middle of your white card lightly draw as many ovals as members in your immediate family – one for each. This will help guide your children as to where they need to stamp their fingers.
  2. Note: At this point you may want to discuss with your children what dinosaur they would like to be on the print as this will depend on which way they stamp their finger. On our print, the grown ups have vertical fingerprints and the children horizontal fingerprints.

  3. Daddy first! Get your Daddy to put their thumb or index finger into your ink and carefully press it down into their oval shape.
  4. Mummy second. Mummy, you do the same in the second to left oval and then each of your children in order of age. Eldest next to the Mummy fingerprint and so on.
  5. Father's Day - Dinosaur Family Fingerprint - Fingerprints
  6. Set aside and allow to dry completely.
  7. Once it is dry, if you have letter stamps with ink, spell out what you would like to write no it. We wrote, ‘Daddy You Are Rawrsome’. This is a great opportunity for ones learning to write to practise their letters and word forming. They may even like to practise on their own with a blank piece of paper and the stamps after the print is completed. If you don’t have stamps, using a thick nibbed pen is fine too. Can your child write? Let them do it!
  8. Father's Day - Dinosaur Family Fingerprint - Stamping
  9. Set aside to dry completely.
  10. When dry, draw your dinosaurs around your fingerprints carefully incorporating the fingerprint into the drawing.
  11. Father's Day - Dinosaur Family Fingerprint - Close Up
  12. When it is completely dry, put it in a frame and give it to your Daddy on Father’s Day! We think this is the PERFECT gift for them to take into the office… don’t you think?!

As always send us your images of your crafts and tag us on social media. Bonus points for pictures of Daddies who have taken their prints to work!

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