Eight Activities for Teaching Shapes with One Simple Worksheet

Eight activities for teaching shapes with one simple worksheet

Recently, we shared this worksheet with the members of our Facebook Teachers’ Group and challenged them to come up with different ways to use it. We have to say, they are a very creative group!

This simple worksheet features the eight basic shapes used in “The Shape Song #1” and “The Shape Song #2” from the Super Simple Songs 2 CD. In the song, you make and then look for different shapes. It’s a fun activity that gets kids up and moving. Here’s a list of more activities you can do to practice shapes:

1. Listen and Color – call out a shape and have kids find it on the worksheet. Now call out a color and have kids find that crayon. Color the shape.

Listen and color

2. Listen and Make – give each child a pipe cleaner. Choose a shape and find it on the worksheet. Now make that shape out of the pipe cleaner. Which ones are easy to make? Which one is the hardest?

Listen and make

3. Listen and Find – start the song and listen to the first verse. Pause the song and have the kids fold their paper so that shape is on top. Between verses, unfold the paper and get ready to find the next one.
Listen and Find

4. Mold a Shape – laminate the worksheet and use it as a play dough mat. Try making each shape in a different color. Roll out the dough and cut out the shapes, or use the dough to make a 3D version of the shape.

5. Funny Faces Shapes – review basic emotions with the kids (it’s really fun to do this by making faces in a mirror or at each other). Now pick a shape and have kids draw an emotion in that shape. For example: can you make a happy circle? How about a sad square?
Funny Faces Shapes and Shapes Monsters

6. Shapes Monsters – make a funny shapes monster by calling out a part of the body and rolling a dice. Kids draw the number of the body part on a selected shape. For example: The dice says four. On the circle, draw four noses.

7. Shapes Scavenger Hunt – search for shapes around the house or classroom. Look at the toys, in the kitchen, or in the bedroom. Make a big pile and identify the shape of each object. Match it to the shapes on the worksheet.
Shapes Scavenger Hunt

8. Make Your Own Shapes – this one takes a bit of time to make, but you’ll have a set of teaching tools that you can use for years. Print the worksheet on card stock. Cut out the pieces. Trace each shape onto colored construction paper (we recommend using blue, yellow, red, purple, pink, orange, brown, and green to go along with the songs “I See Something Blue” and “I See Something Pink“). Cut out all of the shapes, laminate them, and cut them out again. Now you have a set of eight different shapes in eight different colors! They are perfect for all sorts of games and activities.

Shapes cut outs

Bonus Activity – follow along with The Shape Song videos!

What other ideas can you think of?

Thank you to Teachers Michelle, Raquel, Methap, Olga, Deb, and Erica for their suggestions! Join our Facebook Teachers’ Group to share activities, ask questions, and get to know other teachers from around the world.