Guest Post – Super Simple “Hacks”

Bob's English

This post was contributed by Bob Pensak, owner of “Bob’s English” in Okazaki, Japan and author of the blog “Bob’s Frog.”

I have been singing, gesturing, and performing Super Simple Songs ever since I discovered them three years ago. Since then, I have collected small ways to make the songs even more enjoyable and funny. I call these “Super Simple Hacks”.

Skeleton Dance (Super Simple Songs – Halloween) – One of my favorite songs and a popular song with my students. Especially when done in a “Freeze Dance” style. Play the song while doing the actions. Several times during the song, pause the music. The students and teacher, “Freeze”. This in itself is hilarious. Choose the right moment to “freeze”,when your face or body is in a strange position.

Super Simple Hack 1: Take an extra long pause while “freezing” and scratch your nose.

Are you Hungry? (Super Simple Songs 1) – Does this song really need a “HACK”? So much fun! Really exaggerate eating the food, make some funny faces and puff your cheeks at the end of the song when you say “I’m full” and the kids will love you.

Super Simple Hack 2: Pretend to take imaginary french fries from each student during the french fry part of the song.

Walking in the Jungle (Super Simple Songs – Animals) – A recent song from the “Animals” CD (not the Pink Floyd CD). I’m still exploring ways to do the songs. “One step, two steps, three steps forward. One step, two steps, three steps back.” For a “children’s song” it rocks!

Super Simple Hack 3: Hide small animal cards around the room. When they hear the animal sound, have the kids go find the hidden animal card.

Seven Steps (Super Simple Songs 1) – The simplest of simple songs and a classic. There are many ways to do the movements and customize the song. Check around and invent different ways.

Super Simple hack 4: Moon walk backwards like Michael Jackson holding his hat. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. WHOO! and shout like Michael.

Counting Bananas (Super Simple Songs 2) – The kids like it so much they want to do it twice. Singing and dancing while counting bananas to 20. At the end of the song, you eat an imaginary banana.

Super Simple Hack 5: Do the song twice. The second time instead of “eating” the banana at the end, pretend to stick it in your ear!

Give these five “hacks” a try. I hope to have more in the future. If you have some “hacks” that you would like to share, leave a comment or contact me.

Bob Pensak has been living and teaching English in Okazaki, Japan, for ten years. This April he started his own school “Bob’s English” with his wife and three year old son. He has been entertaining children with magic since he was 13 years old. Check out his blog, Bob’s Frog, for more teaching tips.