Halloween Topics – Emotions


Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at Super Simple. It’s an excellent opportunity to take the natural enthusiasm that kids feel at this time of year and channel it into some engaging and memorable English learning. Even if you don’t traditionally celebrate Halloween in your country, you can still use it to introduce new vocabulary and characters that will bring a whole lot of fun into your classroom.

Here are some of our favorite Halloween topics:

  • Emotions (Jack-o’-lantern faces)
  • Body Parts (Skeletons!)
  • Food (Treats and flavors)
  • Counting (Spiders, bats, etc.)
  • Occupations (Costumes)
  • Halloween Characters

In the next few blog posts, we’ll look at ways you can use Halloween characters and songs to work on each of these topics and feature some of your videos and ideas. Have more ideas to share? Comment below or send them in! We love to hear from you.

With only a couple of more weeks to go, now’s the perfect time to have some Halloween fun!


Jack-o’-lanterns provide a great way to work on facial expressions. They can be happy, sad, angry, scared, or just about any other emotion you can think of.
There are many ways that you can use Jack-o’-lanterns in crafts, worksheets, flashcards, story books and more. The ideas are almost endless.

Here’s one fun and easy idea for a changeable Jack-o’-lantern face.

For a fun and active Halloween song, try Five Little Pumpkins. Practice smiling, pouting, yawning, crying, and laughing along with these five fun guys.

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