Halloween Topics – Food

Trick Or Treat

Halloween takes place in the fall, when the leaves are changing colors and many foods are harvested. The holiday is most associated with treats and candy, but Halloween is a great opportunity to talk about other foods as well.

If you learned about food earlier in the year, it’s a perfect time to review words and bring in additional concepts, such as flavors. This can be especially fun for older students who need a little challenge. Classifying foods by sweet, salty, sour, and good gives students a new way to think about food.

Many children learn this rhyme at Halloween time: “Trick or treat? Trick or treat? Give me something good to eat.” How about having a little fun with the rhyme?  What if we asked for something sour to eat? Can you think of some sour foods? How about sweet or spicy? What about hot or cold? What if you asked for something green to eat?

Give Me Something Good To Eat

Give Me Something Good To Eat is a fun Halloween themed song that incorporates the traditional Trick or Treat? rhyme with different foods and tastes. It has all of the traditional Halloween treats you would think of (candy, lollipops, chocolate, apples), but it also introduces other foods and adjectives, such as peaches and grapefruits, sweet and sour.

Classroom activity – Please and Thank You

Spread out food picture cards face up on the table or floor (use the flashcards from our Halloween printables). Chant “Trick or treat? Trick or treat? Give me something _______ to eat…PLEASE!” For example, ask for something sweet. The children can look for something sweet and give it to you. Encourage them to say “Here you are,” and be sure to say, “Thank you!” Then, have students take turns asking for something good, sweet, sour, salty, etc.  Remember to say, “Here you are,” and, “Thank you!” You can extend the conversation by having the students ask each other if they like the food.

Here is another fun idea from Slovakia. They found all the foods used in the song. It looks like quite the feast!

Likes and Dislikes

Besides identifying vocabulary words, food is perfect for discussing likes and dislikes. Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? is a fun way for students to learn this idea. It combines yummy foods to make them, well, yucky. It’s a great starting point to talk about what foods each student does and doesn’t like.

For Halloween, try the sing-along version and have the kids make new combinations.

For example:
Do you like spider soup?
No, I don’t!

Do you have some good ones? Please share!

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