Halloween Topics – Parts of the Face



Jack-o'-lanterns are perfect for helping kids learning parts of the face and emotions.

Learn parts of the face with jack-o’-lanterns.

Not only are jack-o’-lanterns perfect for practicing emotions, they are also great for introducing young learners to parts of the face.

This is the Way We (Carve a Pumpkin)

[audio:https://supersimpleonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/This-is-the-Way-We-Carve-a-Pumpkin.mp3|titles=This is the Way We (Carve a Pumpkin) Song] This is the Way We (Carve a Pumpkin) from Super Simple Songs – Halloween, turns a regular ol’ pumpkin into a happy jack-o’-lantern. Step-by-step, students learn how to scoop him out and make his face by adding his eyes, nose and mouth.

A great activity is to bring actual pumpkins into your classroom. Draw faces on mini pumpkins with a black marker instead of carving them. Or make a big jack-o’-lantern for decoration.

If you are short on pumpkins where you live, there are many jack-o’-lantern crafts you can do together.

Here are just a couple of ideas.

Class activity – Face Fun

Print out copies of worksheet number 3-3 from Super Simple Songs – Halloween CD. Have each student color their pumpkin. Next, cut out the eyes, nose and mouth. Make a jack-o’-lantern by arranging them in different ways. What happens when the mouth is turned upside down? How about adding eyebrows? This is a great time to practice emotions again. Make additional eyes, noses and mouths in different shapes from black paper.
After playing with the various faces for a while, glue them on and hang your jack-o’-lanterns on the wall to help create a Halloween atmosphere.

You can also use paper plates, construction paper, orange balloons or draw the pumpkins yourself on copy paper.

How about a felt pumpkin with removable eyes, nose and mouth so that you can practice making different faces over and over? Students love being able to change the pieces around.

Here’s a kid friendly way to carve a jack-o’-lantern, no sharp knife needed!