I’m A Little Snowman Sing-Along Activity

Recently, our friend Anna shared this fun activity to go along with the “I’m A Little Snowman” song. It was a big hit with her students, we hope your kids will enjoy it, too!

I'm A Little Snowman Sing-Along Activity

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Step One: Make the parts of the snowman with construction paper. Or use felt to make them last longer. Make enough sets so that each student, or pair of students, has their own.

You’ll need two white circles in different sizes, two eyes, two arms, three buttons, one carrot nose, a scarf, and a hat. Optional: two mittens. 

Get creative and use whatever materials you have on hand. Try patterned flannel for the scarves, pom poms for buttons, or even real buttons! 

Put each set into its own plastic baggie for easy storage. It also makes passing out the materials, and clean up much easier.

Step Two: Get the kids seated for the activity. If you’ll be watching the video, be sure to arrange the students so they can see the screen. If you’re listening to the song without the video, you can play “Make A Circle” to get the kids seated.

Pass out a baggie to each student, or pair of students. Open the bags and pull out all of the pieces. Go through them one by one. Pick up the pieces, feel them, count the pieces, talk about the different colors, and name each part. Play a quick game, like Slap. Call out one piece at a time and have kids slap that part or parts.

Snowman parts. We're ready to sing!

Step Three: Make your basic snowman with the snowballs and arms. If two kids are working together, split out the remaining pieces so that everyone gets a chance to participate.

I'm A Little Snowman video and activity

Step Four: Start the video of “I’m A Little Snowman.” If you don’t have access to the video, the song will work great, too! Have students add the pieces as they sing along. Pause the video or song in the break to take off the pieces, and get ready for the next verse. At the end of the video, add the mittens, just like the little boy does.


Step Five: Follow up with a worksheet or coloring page from our Resource Center, like one of these.

Step Six: Finish your lesson with a with a story time book on Snowmen. A couple we really like are: That’s Not My Snowman by Fiona Watt and Rachael Wells and Snowmen at Night by Caralyn and Mark Buehner.

Thanks to Anna Green for sharing this idea with us. Anna, originally from Belarus, is currently teaching preschoolers in Italy. She is a very talented seamstress, who shares her creations with her students. Find more fun ideas on her Instagram account, or on her blog.