Make Your Own Recycled Blocks

make your own recycled blocks

This project has it all – an engaging activity for little ones, a fun and colorful craft, and it’s mostly made with materials you probably already have in your recycling bin! These blocks are simple to make, and the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination soar as high as the skyscrapers!

make your own recycled blocks


  • toilet paper rolls
  • construction paper
  • paper towel rolls
  • scissors
  • things to decorate: craft paint, crayons, markers, sponge shapes
  • clear tape
  • paint brush
make your own recycled blocks

Step 1

Cut construction paper to fit around your toilet paper roll. Tape the edge of the construction paper onto the roll, and wrap the paper around, taping the other edge down. 

Step 2

Decorate your blocks as you like! Use markers, crayons, or dip sponges into paint and use as stamps. Let dry. **You can also decorate the construction paper first, then place on the roll, if it is easier for your little one to do.

Step 3

Cut five evenly spaced out slits at the bottom of each roll, about an inch long.

make your own recycled blocks

Step 4

Build your tower, using the cut slits to attached the rolls together!

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