Super Simple Draw – Cat

Super Simple Draw - Episode 1 Cat

Let’s draw a cat!

Our brand new channel, Super Simple TV, kicks off today with it’s very first show, Super Simple Draw! So get out your art supplies and get ready for our first project, a cat!

We created this show with young learners in mind. There are many drawing shows out there, but this one is made for that age when kids want to draw, but can’t quite figure out how to do it. We’ll guide them step-by-step through simple projects like cats, flowers, bugs, and more. The easy to follow directions use familiar vocabulary like basic shapes and colors. We’ve kept the pace nice and slow, but don’t worry, if you need more time, just hit the pause button until you are ready for the next step.

These videos are a great way to open a conversation with your children or students. Ask questions about their drawings: What’s your cat’s name? Do you have a cat at home? What do cats eat? How do you take care of a cat? It’s fun to talk about your art!

Everyone loves to show off their artwork, and we want to see yours! Write your name and city on your picture, snap a photo and submit it on our website. At the end of each episode, we’ll share artwork from our friends, or check out the gallery on our website.

Find out when new episodes are released by subscribing to the Super Simple TV YouTube channel. You’ll get notifications for all of our fun new shows. We’re very excited to share all of the special projects we’ve been working on for the past year.

Now go find a piece of paper and some crayons…let’s draw!