“Uh-Huh” Activity


We’ve been having a lot of fun this week in class with Devon’s warm up activity that uses “Uh-Huh” from Super Simple Songs Two.

Place a jump rope or long rope across the center of the room. Place one sign that says “YES” and one sign that says “NO” on opposite sides of the room.

Have all the students line up on the “YES” side of the rope, facing you, and practice saying, “Uh-Huh”. Then, everyone jumps to the other side and says “Unh-Uhh”. Practice going back and forth and have fun with it. Then do the same thing, using “YES” and “NO”. Next play the song, jumping back and forth over the rope. In the middle interlude section, ask some simple yes and no questions and encourage the students to answer and jump to the correct side of the rope.

When the song is finished, you can expand on the activity and ask more yes and no questions, and either jump to that side of the rope, or run to that side of the room. For older students, have the students take turns asking the questions.

Another suggestion is to place an equal number of chairs at each end of the room that is one less that the number of students in the class. ( e.g. 4 students in the class = 3 chairs at each end of the room). When you ask a question, the students run and sit down on the yes side or the no side. One student will be left standing. They can either be “out” and continue playing as an elimination game (not recommended for younger students) or that person can ask the next question and continue playing in the next “round” when someone else is left standing.

In case you were wondering what the Uh-Huh song sounds like, here’s the video…