Captain Monsterica And The Purple Protector

Honey I Shrunk The Heroes

The town’s Biggest Cookie Contest is almost over when Dr. Smilo shrinks the giant winning cookie, Captain Monsterica, the Purple Protector, and himself to the size of insects! Captain Monsterica and the Purple Protector HAVE to get the cookie back! They chase all sorts of bugs who can’t keep their appendages off it, and track the cookie to a beehive! They’re just about to snatch the tiny cookie when Dr. Smilo and a band of pirate bees come to steal honey. Ever the brave Captain Monsterica stops them! As a reward, the queen bee presents Captain Monsterica and the Purple Protector with the very cookie they are looking for! They return to full size and the cookie claims it title yet again! But what happened to Dr. Smilo?!