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How To Teach ABC Boo

Caitie is sharing helpful tips for learning in the classroom or at home using the song ABC Boo from Super Simple Songs! She sings the song and shows us how to play this fun alphabet game! This a great song to review the alphabet during the spooky Halloween season.

Try these ideas in the classroom or at home!

  • This song has a fun built-in activity for little ones, but it also serves a special purpose. By randomly replacing letters with ghosts, we are isolating each letter so we focus on the individual letters instead of the alphabet song as a whole. Often, students can blend letters together when singing the alphabet song, especially during L M N O P. When there is the possibility that each letter might be a ghost saying boo instead, each letter stands alone.
  • You can sing this song by simply playing it and listening as you sing and say boo, or you can put the letters of the alphabet on the board and follow along as you point to the letters. You can still point to the letter even if there is a boo sound, it will be a fun surprise!
  • You can also play along with this song by watching the music video!
  • You can also try singing this song without the music. Put the letters of the alphabet on the board and replace or cover a few of the letters with a picture of a ghost. If you write the letters on the board and cover up the letters with a flashcard of a ghost so you can easily change the placement of the ghost so you play multiple times. Start by covering only one or two letters. Then sing the alphabet song and follow along with the letters on the board. When you get to a ghost, be sure to say boo instead of saying that letter! Continue adding in more ghosts for more of a challenge or change the placement of the ghosts to keep playing.
  • Try singing the song without any letters, just boos, for a really silly song!
  • Another way you can play the game is with foam letters and a white paper napkin. Place the letters of the alphabet on a table, and pick a few letters to cover with a paper napkin to make them look like a ghost. Little ones will love the idea of the letters dressing up as ghosts, and you can pick a student to move the napkins each time you play so they can pick what letters get dressed up and help them transform into a ghost!
  • This is a great song to sing for alphabet review during the month of October to celebrate Halloween. If your students are familiar with our original version of this song, ABC Quack, they will love to experience this new way of playing the familiar game with ghosts!

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