How To Teach Super Simple Songs

How To Teach Adding Up To 10

Caitie is sharing helpful tips for learning in the classroom or at home using the song Adding Up To 10 from Super Simple Songs! She sings the song and shows us gestures for the key vocabulary words, too! This a great song to teach little ones simple addition!

Try these ideas in the classroom or at home!

  • Play this song in the background on the days leading up to your first lesson about addition. They will be soaking up some of the information and be able to better understand the lesson when the time comes!
  • Bring the song to life using visuals and add an object one at a time as you add up to ten. You can use real-life items or flashcards!
  • For a fun activity with more movement, have your students stand up and they can be the objects that are added one by one. Start with one student standing alone, and as the song plays, have more students join them one at a time until there are ten students standing together!
  • The end of the song encourages listeners to take a more active role and show off what they know. When you are listening to the song in class as a group, encourage your students to shout out the answers!
  • Use this song for a simple math review! You can play it and sing along to review, or just play it in the background to keep reiterating simple addition.
  • The song is also super fun and catchy on its own, so you can also use it anytime you want to have a little dance break. You could even use it to play Freeze Dance! You’ll get movement, fun, and math review all in one.
  • If your students are writing, you can print off this worksheet and fill in the blanks by writing in the numbers adding up to 10. You can follow along with the song if your class needs help, or to check their work afterwards!