How To Teach Super Simple Songs

How To Teach Clean Up!

Try these ideas in the classroom or at home!

  • This is a great song to use for classroom management. Play this song whenever it is time to clean up.
  • After hearing this song a few times, it will act as a musical cue so you’ll just have to play the song to let your students know it is time to clean up. As soon as they hear it, they will start to put their things away.
  • If your students are familiar enough with the song, encourage them to sing along as they clean so they are practicing their vocabulary too!
    Remember that clean up time is a great opportunity for language learning and review. It allows you to use common vocabulary in a natural context, so don’t feel the need to rush through clean up time! As you pick up items to put away, say what they are!
  • This song is also great to use at home. Play the song in the background whenever you have your littles cleaning up.
  • You can also sing the song without the music for a quick clean up, and switch out the words during the bridge of the song to suit your needs. For example, we sing, pick up your toys, pick up your books, and pick up your shoes, but you can swap out those words for anything at all. For example, pick up your crayons. Pick up your cup. Pick up your blocks. Put your things away!
  • For a fun challenge, encourage your students to finish cleaning before the song is over. If you reach the end of the song and they need more time, simply repeat the song so it continues until they are done.