How To Teach Super Simple Songs

How To Teach Five Little Chicks

Caitie sings and shows us the gestures for the Super Simple Song Five Little Chicks, and shares helpful teaching tips for at home or in the classroom!

Try these ideas in the classroom or at home!

  • Try singing this song before bedtime. Counting the chicks is a lot like counting sheep!
  • Act out the song with some cozy stuffed animals! The stuffed animals don’t have to be all the same kind of animal, you can have some fun using your imagination acting it out. Make a nest of blankets for the little ones, and when the song is done you can take one or all of the stuffed animals to sleep with you.
  • You can also act out this song with your students. Pick five students to be the little chicks, and one student to be the Mother hen. You can make a big nest with blankets and pillows, or the five little chicks can pretend to sleep in the middle of a circle, and the circle of students can be the nest. The circle of students can sing the song and mother hen can say ‘it’s time to rest’ and the little chicks can take their turns saying ‘peep peep peep’.

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