How To Teach Super Simple Songs

How To Teach Mr. Golden Sun

Caitie is sharing tips for using the preschool song “Mr. Golden Sun” in the classroom and at home for lots of fun learning with little ones. She has lots of great ideas! And she’ll lead us through the song using gestures – an excellent way to introduce a song to children. Our version of the classic song “Mr. Golden Sun” is super positive and includes an extra verse that focuses on the word ‘shine’.

Try these ideas in the classroom or at home!

  • This song is such a nice song to sing with little ones. You can sing it at the beginning of the class to start the day off with a little sunshine, or at the end of the day to end class with a shining moment. You can also sing it before going outside to enjoy the sunshine.
  • Sing this song during your weather theme using to sing about a sunny day. You can pair it with other Super Simple Songs about the weather, like Rain Rain Go Away and How’s The Weather?
  • For a fun hide and seek game, try hiding a picture of Mr. Golden Sun somewhere in the room and have your students search to find it. Pick one student to be the seeker and have them close their eyes. Then the other students can watch as you hide the sun, and make sure they see where you placed it. Then the seeker can open their eyes and walk around the room to try and find the sun. The other students give them hints by saying the words cold and warm. If they are going away from where the sun is, it is getting colder. They can say, colder, colder. If the seeker is moving towards the sun, it is getting warmer. They can say warmer, warmer and they move closer. Then when they are really close to finding it, the other students can say, hot! Really hot! So they know they are close to the sun.

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