How To Teach Super Simple Songs

How To Teach The Alphabet Is So Much Fun

Caitie is sharing tips for using the preschool song “The Alphabet Is So Much Fun” in the classroom and at home for lots of fun learning with little ones. She has lots of great ideas! And she’ll lead us through the song using gestures – an excellent way to introduce a song to children. “The Alphabet Is So Much Fun” is a fun, new alphabet song that includes all the letters of the alphabet with a jazzy new melody, making it a great song to review letters with students who are already familiar with the traditional alphabet song.

Try some of these ideas in the classroom or at home!

  • This song is meant for students who are already familiar with their ABCs. With this song, they can have fun revisiting the alphabet in a new way, and it helps to reinforce their knowledge of the ABCs.
  • It is helpful for students to hear the same information in a new context – it helps them better understand the content, and can help teachers identify where students may need extra support.
  • For a fun activity, print out alphabet flashcards and put them on the board in order. Pick a student to come to the front of the class and have them point to each letter as everyone sings the song. This version has super fun music so let them have fun with the movements as they point and sing. You can even make a jazzy pointer stick with colorful stickers and ribbons for them to use to point to each letter.