How To Teach Super Simple Songs

How To Teach The Rainbow Song

Caitie is sharing helpful tips for learning in the classroom or at home using The Rainbow Song from Super Simple Songs! She sings the song and shows us gestures for the key vocabulary words, too! This a great song to explore colors and the beauty of rainbows with your students.

Try these ideas in the classroom or at home!

  • Use this song for introducing the colors of the rainbow – we sing about the colours in the order they appear in a rainbow, making it easier for students to remember all the rainbow colours.
  • Once your students are familiar with the colours, try painting a rainbow. Make sure they use each colour, and in the right order. If they need help, play the song in the background as they work, or play it when everyone is done to check what they have done.
  • Use this song as a lead into a fun colour hunt activity. Encourage your students to find something of each colour of the rainbow in the room, or assign one colour to each student. Once all the colourful items have been found, bring them together to create a big rainbow using the items, placing them in the right order from top to bottom.
  • Try to recreate a rainbow in the classroom by using a prism to reflect sunlight, or with a handheld mirror in a glass of water positioned with sunlight shining on it. Try a few rainbow-making science experiments with your students and see if you can spot all the colours we sing about in the song.
  • This is a great song to use during a unit about the weather! Rainbows are often seen once the clouds part after the rain or a storm, and the sun shines once again. Sing this song to teach that storms always end, and after the rain the sun will come back out and sometimes we might even see a rainbow.