How To Teach Super Simple Songs

How To Teach The Roly Poly Roll

Caitie is sharing helpful tips for learning in the classroom or at home using the song The Roly Poly Roll from Super Simple Songs! She sings the song and shows us fun gestures for the key vocabulary words, too! This a great movement song to explore different kinds of bugs and how they move.

Try these ideas in the classroom or at home!

  • This song has lots of big movements that are a lot of fun. All the movements are right in the words of the song, so you can just press play and have everyone follow along.
  • All the movements can also be done in one spot, making it a perfect movement song for big groups!
  • This is a great song to sing if you are exploring a bug theme in the classroom and learning about insects. You can pair The Roly Poly Roll with other Super Simple Songs about bugs like Crawl Like A Caterpillar and Butterfly, Ladybug, Bumblebee.
  • This song also introduces some great movement vocabulary as well as bug vocabulary. If your students are hearing these words for the first time, introduce the words and movements before singing the song. You can show pictures of the different kinds of bugs, and move your body to demonstrate the movement, while clearly speaking the vocabulary.
  • We also use the helpful phrase ‘like a’ over and over in this song. Saying ‘like a’ is a way to link one vocabulary word to another. For example, wiggle like a worm. Worms wiggle. You can use this sentence structure to explore other things as well. For example, meow like a cat or cook like a chef.
  • Once your students are familiar with the song, try calling out the different kinds of bugs and having your students move like them. For example, if you say butterfly, they would fly like a butterfly. Or if you say spider, they would crawl like a spider.
  • You can also try the movements in a Roly Poly version of Simon Says! Simon says roll like a rolly polly bug! Simon says hop like a grasshopper. Buzz like a bee! Oh, Simon didn’t say!

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