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How To Teach This Is The Way We Get Dressed

How do I teach the “This Is The Way We Get Dressed” song to kids? Watch as Caitie shares some activity ideas on how to teach this original life skills song for kids from Super Simple Songs.

Try some of these ideas in the classroom or at home!

  • This is a wonderful song for children who are starting to get dressed by themselves. They can follow along with the song and act out getting dressed, or the song can be used in the morning when they are getting ready for the day. Little ones love showing you what they can do, and this song gives them plenty of opportunity to do that, and to practice trying it out for themselves.
  • This song is great to introduce clothing vocabulary. When introducing the song, point to your shoes or t-shirt and have your student point to theirs. We like using real life items whenever possible when introducing new vocabulary.
  • This is also a great song for role playing! Bring out some other pieces of clothing, and have your students pretend to get dressed! You can also have your students dress a stuffed animal or doll with all the clothing from the song.
  • Try dividing your students into groups, and each group can sing a different verse. You can give each group a clothing prop, such as shoes or a jacket depending on what their verse is, so they can act out the action.
  • Ask your students if there is anything else they do to get ready in the morning, before coming to school? Maybe they brush their teeth or eat breakfast. This song pairs well with other songs about getting ready too, such as Put On Your Shoes or the original This Is The Way.

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