How To Teach Super Simple Songs

How To Teach With My Heart

Try these ideas in the classroom or at home!

  • This is a great song to introduce and explore the five senses with little ones. After singing the song, bring out some sensory props for your students to interact with, things that make a noise, that feel interesting, that have a certain smell, and a few things they can taste so they can actively explore the five senses. Talk about the different senses they are experiencing as they interact with the items!
  • This is also a wonderful song to celebrate love and the bond between parent and child. The music is soothing, so it’s a great song to sing before bed or for some quiet time.
  • This is also a great song to sing as a celebration for parents or a school concert performance.
  • This song is a nice way to introduce or review the body part vocabulary of ears, eyes, mouth, nose, hands and heart. Encourage students to follow along with the gestures and point to each body part as they sing.
  • Once your students are familiar with the song, try speaking the words without the music and pause before the end of each line to let your students complete the sentence. This is great practice to test their understanding of the vocabulary. I can hear with my… ears! If they are having trouble, try doing the gesture and pointing as you speak.
  • For older students who are writing, give each student a piece of paper and have them draw a body, being sure to include the ears, eyes, mouth, nose, hands and heart. Have them label each body part from the song. With younger students, you can draw a big body or face on the board and label the body parts as a group. Then play the song and point to the drawing as you sing.