Alphabet Rocks

Alphabet Rocks Alphabet Rocks

The alphabet rocks! And these rocks rock the alphabet. This is a simple craft that is even more fun to play with once they are done. It starts off by going on a rock hunt, filling a bucket with similar sized rocks, and ends with fun adventures with the alphabet! You can practice the alphabet with your little one by putting the rocks in order, or spell simple words like Caitie did with her friends in the classroom, in our episode all about rocks!

Alphabet Rocks

Things you’ll need

  • Rocks
  • Alphabet stickers
  • Multi coloured craft paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Clear spray paint matte OR lustre finish OR Mod Podge (to help them last longer)
  • *Optional – permanent marker to outline letters
Alphabet Rocks


  • Wash the rocks and leave to dry.
  • Once dry, stick the alphabet stickers onto the rocks, or hand paint the letters onto the rock with craft paint.
  • Decorate your rocks! You can make dots by using a fine tip paint brush, or by dipping either end of a pencil into paint. You can define the letters by outlining them with a permanent parker.
  • Alphabet Rocks
  • Once dry, add thin layers of clear spray paint so they last longer. Leave to dry in-between coats. You can use Mod Podge and paint on one layer at a time.
Alphabet Rocks

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