Colors in a Bag – No Mess Sensory Play

Colors in a Bag - No Mess Sensory Play

We love colors! And we love sensory play! This homemade no-mess sensory activity is colorful and full of learning opportunities. Little ones will love squishing the colors, and grown ups might like to give it a try, too!

Things you’ll need

Colors in a Bag - No Mess Sensory Play
  • large and heavy duty resealable zipper storage bag
  • clear packing tape
  • 8.5 x 11 card stock/thick paper
  • stickers (optional)
  • small bowls or cups
  • small baggies
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 2 cups of water
  • tablespoon of salt
  • food coloring
  • spoon

This recipe will make enough for two colorful sensory bags!


Mix flour, water and salt into a pot. Heat on medium heat setting. Mix for a few minutes until all of the mixture starts to thicken into a smooth paste. Remove from heat.

Colors in a Bag - No Mess Sensory Play

Let the mix cool, then divide the mixture equally into small bowls or cups based on the number of colors you would like to make. We chose the colors red, yellow, green and blue to go along with one of our favorite Super Simple Songs! But you can use any colors you like! Mix 10 -15 drops of food coloring into each bowl until you’ve reached the desired color. Spoon the colors into the small baggies.

Colors in a Bag - No Mess Sensory Play

If using stickers, place them around the cardstock. These will be fun to uncover and discover when your little one is playing with the colors in a bag. Cover the top side of your cardstock with packing tape. This will help the colors move over the paper and not be absorbed into the paper. Place the card stock into a corner of the large resealable bag.

Colors in a Bag - No Mess Sensory Play

Cut one corner of the small bags with each color. Pipe the colored mixture into the bottom edge of the card stock sheet in the bag, squeezing the colors out beside each other. Putting them in the little baggies helps keep the rest of the bigger bag clean.

Colors in a Bag - No Mess Sensory Play
Colors in a Bag - No Mess Sensory Play

Fold and tape the extra edges of the resealable bag to the back of the card stock. Reinforce edges by sealing with packing tape.

Colors in a Bag - No Mess Sensory Play

Now you are ready to play! Have your little one move the colors across the paper to cover the whole thing. Once the page is covered, your little one might enjoy just pressing and feeling the texture of the colors in the bag. They will also love using their fingers to move the color mixture find the stickers hiding underneath. What did you find? If you use stickers with different shapes and colors, this is a great time to review that vocabulary, but you can also use the sensory activity to review other things. Try using your finger to write a letter into the colors in the bag. Or write a word or number. With older children, you can play a game of Guess The Picture, and draw different things into the colors in a bag. We’d love to hear your ideas, too! We hope you have lots of fun with these colors in a bag!

Colors in a Bag - No Mess Sensory Play

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