Apple Tree Stamps

Here are different ways to make apple stamps!

apple tree stampsStamps are a fun and easy way to make a great craft! Little ones will love dipping the stamps into the paint, and making their mark on the paper. Most stamps are easier to grip and maneuver than paint brushes, so they are perfect for little hands! And stamps can be made with things you probably already have in your house. We had some fun coming up with creative ways to make apple stamps, but you can try making all sorts of different shapes. Here are some of our ideas for a great time with homemade stamps!

Use a hard fruit or vegetable, like an apple – to make our apple stamps, we went straight to the source. We cut an apple in half, dipped it in paint, and we had an apple stamp!

Cork – Use the edge of a cork!

Sponge – cut a shape out of a cleaning sponge, and glue it to a bottle cap.

Fun Foam – draw and cut a shape out of the Fun Foam, and glue it to a block.

Pom Pom – Use a clothespin to clip to the top of a pom pom. Use the pom pom as the stamp, and the clothespin as a handle

Pipe cleaner – bend a pipe cleaner into a shape and glue it to the top of a cleaned out yogourt container

Tip: When using stamps, try making a stamp pad out of a clean sponge. Place your sponge on a plate, and squeeze your paint onto the sponge. The sponge will make sure you only get as much paint as your stamp needs, spread out evenly, and a little less mess. Dip your stamps on the stamp pad, and stamp away!

apple tree stamps

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