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ASL Learning

We had a great time presenting at the Tokyo English Language Book Fair a couple of weeks ago.  We were very happy to have our display right across from a display for “Signing Time“, an amazing resource for teaching American Sign Language (ASL) to young learners. By the end of the weekend, Troy and Tanja were communicating from across the room in ASL!

When creating a Super Simple Song, we always think about the gestures and movements that will go along with the songs, and frequently visit the American Sign Language Browser for ideas.  As a result, we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from ASL teachers, as well as Baby Sign teachers.  When you put the gestures and signs together with the words and the songs, it’s very powerful.

ASL Learning

Language learners depend a LOT on non-verbal cues to make sense of the new input they are receiving.  Children especially rely on non-verbal cues, and their natural interest in learning to master their motor skills makes the pairing of the spoken word and signing a really excellent tool for helping children internalize the langauge they are learning.

Looking for an easy song to teach through ASL?  Try Open Shut Them (you’ll need to check the ASL Browser for the correct signs), and let us know how it goes!

– Devon

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