Christmas Topics – Counting and Numbers

Christmas Topics

No matter how old your students are, from very young to elementary age, counting and numbers are always a topic worth reviewing.  You can easily add a quick counting activity as part of any lesson. Use a song (“Count & Move” is the perfect active song to review numbers and get some wiggles out!), or count objects in a storytime book.

Or spend a week incorporating more focused counting activities by combining a song, worksheet and game. Here are a few ideas using songs and materials from Super Simple.

10 Little Elves

Need a fun way to incorporate numbers with an active song and a familiar tune? Try “10 Little Elves.” It has some challenging new vocabulary, making it great for older students. Talk about active verbs such as sewing, painting, sawing, hammering, wrapping, and sleeping. You can discuss toys and practice demonstrating how to make them. Do this 10 Little Elves worksheet to review the actions and practice counting.
Finish by singing the song as you perform the gestures. During the chorus, have students hold up their fingers and count together.

Jingle Bells

“Jingle Bells” is a classic holiday song that is often heard at this time of year. The call and response format of this version makes the song fun and easy for young learners. Bring bells to class so the students can jingle along!

Several of the Jingle Bells worksheets on focus on counting. How many bells? How many horses? Students can work just on counting, writing the numbers, or spelling.

For a fun new challenge for older students, try our How Many Horses (2) worksheet and practice counting by 2s! Students love the new way to count and quickly catch on. The worksheet provides a great visual for this concept.

Clapping Game

Sit in a circle with one hand palm up and one hand palm facing down. Alternate so that you can ‘clap’ the hand of the person next to you. Start by lightly clapping the hand of the child next to you as you say the number “1.” The child says “2” as he claps the hand of the student next to him. Continue around the circle, counting up as you go. How high can you count? Once students catch on, you can make it more challenging by counting by twos, threes, fives or tens.

You can also use this game to practice other sequential topics like the alphabet, days of the week or months of the year.

Countdown to Christmas!

How many days to Christmas? Print out the “Complete the Calendar” worksheets and fill in the blanks. Then count the number of days together. This is a great activity to do throughout the weeks leading to the big day!

Have fun!


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