Autumn Leaves Mobile

autumn leaf mobile


  • coffee filters
  • scissors
  • washable markers
  • ice cube tray
  • pen
  • leaf template
  • branch
  • pin
  • thread
  • cardboard surface to let dry
autumn leaf mobile


  1. With a pen draw or trace the shape of a leaf from the provided template onto the coffee filters.
    *Tip draw half of the leaf shape, fold the coffee filter in half and cut while folded.
  2. Draw a thick coloured ring in the center of the leaves. Multiple colors can be used. Leave the center of the ring white.autumn leaf mobile
  3. Fill an ice cube a quarter of the way with water. Fold into a cone shape with white tip at the end. Dip white part into the tray. Let soak a couple of minutes until the filters become absorbed with water. The colour will travel through to the leaf edges.autumn leaf mobile
  4. Let dry on cardboard or speed up drying with a hairdryer.
  5. Once dried, fold leaf to add extra texture. First fold the leaf in half then with down from the top with lines angled down towards center of leaf continue till you reach the bottom. Open to reveal new texture.
  6. With a safety pin piece a hole on the edge of the leaf any side will do as leaves fall in any direction.
  7. Find the center weight of your branch and tie a string at your desired length to hang later.  Tie thread connecting the leaves to the branches.
  8. Hang and watch your leaves twirl!
autumn leaf mobile

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