Super Simple’s Themes for Fun and Learning at Home

Super Simple’s Themes for Fun and Learning at Home

Many of us are finding ourselves at home with children to occupy or teach these days. If you’d like to come up with some fresh ideas for your early learners, you’ve come to the right place! We made this list of themed activities and videos to inspire, motivate, and spark ideas for parents, caregivers and lesson planners alike!

We like the idea of hosting theme days to help set up a successful learning environment, so that’s how you can navigate this list. Simply click on a heading that appeals to you for a look at some of our favorite themed content. Everything from songs to Super Simple episodes, crafts, free printable activity sheets, flash cards and more can be found here under each heading.

You can always find more great themed content under our theme heading on our website. Have fun and keep it Super Simple!

Space Discovery

Super Simple’s Themes for Fun and Learning at Home

3, 2, 1, BLASTOFF! Learning about space is fun and wondrous. There is still so much we don’t know and so much to be discovered. Learn about planets, stars, the moon and more while getting creative with space themed crafts.

Jungle Journey

Super Simple’s Themes for Fun and Learning at Home

What will we find in the jungle? Lots of songs, crafts and activities! Practice numbers, letters, and more through our worksheets, as well as colorful jungle animal crafts. Draw different jungle animals with Super Simple Draw and act out our Walking in the Jungle song. You never know what you might find on a walk through the jungle!

Wonderful Weather

Super Simple’s Themes for Fun and Learning at Home

What’s the weather like today? We have songs to introduce different types of weather vocabulary and fun videos that explore each kind of weather in more detail. Make a beautiful weather craft to explore this theme visually. Ask your little one what type of weather is their favorite and why. Super Simple makes a Wonderful Weather theme easy with lots of different songs, videos and activities!

Dinosaur Discoveries

Super Simple’s Themes for Fun and Learning at Home

Rawr! Stomp stomp! Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? We especially love pretending to be dinosaurs while we sing about them! We have a bunch of different dinosaur discovery songs, activities and worksheets to try out with dinosaur fans of all ages.

Underwater Explorers

Super Simple’s Themes for Fun and Learning at Home

Did you know the world is made up of mostly water? Beneath the surface of the water is a brand new world of life and adventure to be discovered. We have lots of great underwater themed songs to start off your journey. You will also find worksheets, coloring pages and crafts to keep everyone busy. Glub glub!

Pirate Adventure

Super Simple’s Themes for Fun and Learning at Home

Argh, mateys! It’s time to climb aboard your pirate ship and go on a Pirate Adventure! We have lots of different pirate activities for you and a great pirate-themed cartoon show about exploring the ABCs with Captain Seasalt and the ABC Pirates. (You can find tons of Captain Seasalt and the ABC Pirates worksheets and games for each and every letter if you select Alphabet/ Spelling under the “Themes” dropdown menu on our website.) Did we say worksheet treasure hunt? Roll some worksheets up like scrolls and hide them around the play area. Have your little ones go on a hunt for them. Once they’ve found the scrolls they can have fun filling them out.

The Great Outdoors

Super Simple’s Themes for Fun and Learning at Home

You can have a great outdoor adventure indoors through songs and play! We have lots of nature themed craft and activity ideas to bring the outdoors inside to you, along with videos where you can learn something new about trees and gardening. Create your own flower garden indoors with all your flower drawings from Super Simple Draw, and enjoy the beautiful landscapes in our colorful music videos.

Dance Party

Super Simple’s Themes for Fun and Learning at Home

Are you ready? It’s time for a dance party! We can learn about music, our bodies and different types of movement when we explore the topic of dance. Try dancing fast and slow, play Red Light, Green Light for a fun freeze dance activity and burn off some extra energy while bopping along to Wind the Bobbin Up. You can print out and create our skeleton mask to wear when you dance along to The Skeleton Dance, make a dancing dragon craft, or our dancing Noodle & Pals marinettes. Have fun and stay groovy!

Clean Up

Super Simple’s Themes for Fun and Learning at Home

We’ve got your back! Your little ones might not believe you when you say cleaning up can be fun, but after singing our clean up songs they might be ready to give it a try themselves. Encourage them to clean up their toys by putting on some music and seeing if they can finish cleaning by the end of the song. Get excited about bath time with our DIY bath crayons where you can practice your colors, too! You can create something new with a recycled craft activity. This is another great way to clean up what you have lying around that might otherwise end up in the garbage. Have fun cleaning up!

Beautiful Bugs

Super Simple’s Themes for Fun and Learning at Home

Although they are small, there are so many incredible things to learn about the giant world of bugs. Some have antennae, some have three pairs of legs, and some can even walk on water! We have bug crafts, bug worksheets to practice numbers and writing and some really fun songs to sing along to.

On The Farm

Super Simple’s Themes for Fun and Learning at Home

Let’s explore the farm! It’s always fun to learn about the special kinds of animals we see on a farm. They all make their own noise and move their own unique way. Learn about different farm animals and try making their sounds with Old MacDonald, draw farm animals with Super Simple Draw, and create your very own handprint cow craft!

Transportation: Let’s Go For A Ride

Super Simple’s Themes for Fun and Learning at Home

Vroom vroom! What do cars, trains, airplanes and bicycles all have in common? They are all ways for us to get around. Sing along to great songs about different ways to travel, visit a train museum in Caitie’s Classroom, make art with your toy cars, and make all sorts of vehicles with Finley in his factory! Put on some music and make a pretend train around the house for some movement or play Simon Says with the different ways to get around – “Simon Says drive a car! Simon Says be an airplane!” Have fun and drive safe. Beep beep!

My Family

Super Simple’s Themes for Fun and Learning at Home

Let’s learn about families! There are so many different types of families and these activities celebrate them all. Here are some songs that introduce family members and talk about love. You can make your very own family tree or make a fun cardboard tube family craft. Try making a special card or drawing for someone in your family that you love.

Making Music

Super Simple’s Themes for Fun and Learning at Home

One of our greatest teaching tools is music. Music is interactive, helps develop listening and language skills, and makes a great physical activity, too! Try some of the activities from ‘Caitie’s Classroom Live – Music’ at home and ask some follow up questions after watching ‘Learn About Music with Milo The Monster’. Play some of your favorite songs for your kids and ask how the music makes them feel. Don’t forget, Super Simple Songs boasts a big catalogue of music and songs for kids. You can find us on all of your favorite digital streaming services: Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Plus, you can always ask your smart speaker to “play Super Simple Songs.”

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We hope you find this list helpful and that it keeps your little ones learning and entertained! For tons of more videos, worksheets, craft ideas, and activities, keep exploring Super Simple on our website and on YouTube. Here is a list of our many Youtube channels filled with quality content for children, all free, that we hope you enjoy!

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