Colored Soap Foam

colored foam soap

Who doesn’t love a good bubble bath? For little ones, bubbles may be the highlight of bath time, or the reason to get into the bath in the first place! For them, bath time isn’t always about getting clean, but about having fun in the water. And why not? These days, with a great variety of bath toys and bath activity ideas available, bath time can be fun, productive and educational to boot! Win-win-win! So why limit all the fun to when it’s time to get clean? With this colourful foam, you can make a bubble bath sensory experience that is great fun any time. Kids will love to get their hands on the foamy bubbles! Try out some of our suggested activities to add in some practice with colours, too. Fun and educational? That’s another win-win!

  • Make a two different colours and see what happens when they get mixed together. What new colour did it make?
  • With a few different colours, ask your little one to identify each one. You can also call out a colour, and they can blow some bubbles of that colour into the air – flying foam!
  • Gather a few bath friendly items and get them give them a bubble bath in the foam! You can even ask your little one to match the colours of the toys to the right coloured foam, like we did in the Bath Time episode of Caitie’s Classroom!

Have fun!


  • food coloring – liquid or gel
  • water
  • dish soap
  • measuring cup
  • hand mixer
  • tablespoon
  • large bowl

1. Add two tablespoons of dish soap and cup of water to a large bowl.

2. Add a few drops of food coloring into the bowl.

3. Mix with hand mixer on high speed of a couple on minutes.

colored foam soap

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