DIY Christmas Surprise Ball

DIY Christmas Surprise Ball

Looking for some fun DIY Stocking Stuffer ideas? Need a little hostess gift, or something for your child’s favorite teacher? We’ve got you covered with our Christmas Surprise Balls! Use this step-by-step as a rough guide to making your own version at home. We used little knick knacks available at the dollar store, but you could roll up anything in your own version!

DIY Christmas Surprise Ball


  • crepe paper streamers
  • small items –  toys, stickers, candy
  • tape
     * alt version plastic ornament ball in opens in two halves

To Decorate

  • colored construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • pom poms
  • googly eyes 
DIY Christmas Surprise Ball


Tape the end of the streamer to the biggest item and start wrapping.

Continue to add items to the lowest points to help fill out a generally round shape.  Add layers of wrapping in between each item. Once all items have been wrapped in the ball.

Loosely wrap folded crepe streamer paper around the ball to help bulk up any remaining low points until the balls round shape fills out. You could also roll the ball on the table a little to help shape it into a circle. Once the ball has a round shape.

Wrap the ball with a final layer of crepe paper by pulling with a little tension this will help the paper shape nicely around the ball.   

DIY Christmas Surprise Ball

Alternative Version – With Plastic Ornament Ball

(This version takes less paper and is less time consuming )


Fill the ball with small items to make sure the plastic ball can close properly.

Take out the items of the container and loosely wrap with the crepe paper one item at a time that way it will still be a surprise,  and fit back into the plastic shell ball.

Tape your paper end to the closed ball and start wrapping until the ball is covered.  Wrap the ball with a final layer of paper by pulling with a little tension this will help the paper shape nicely around the ball. 

DIY Christmas Surprise Ball

Decorating your surprise ball

Draw antlers and the ear shape onto a  brown piece of paper. Layer with a second piece and cut both pieces at once to make two. Cut the shape of a mouth with brown paper.

Glue a red pom-pom on for the nose, and add googly eyes.

Fold the bottom of the antler and ear tips and glue onto the ball.

Glue eyes and nose into place. Cut a triangle for the hat and circle for the mouth out of red construction paper. Fold the tip of the hat over to one side.

Cut out a round ball tor the tip of the hat out of white paper and glue into place. Fold a small white piece of paper in half cut out half of a moustache and beard shape unfold for a symmetrical shape.

Glue shapes together with a glue stick or glue gun.

DIY Christmas Surprise Ball

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