DIY Peekaboo Cat Puppet

DIY Peekaboo Cat Puppet

Here’s how to make a puppet of the Peekaboo Cat that can really play peekaboo!

You need:

  • This template
  • White Bristol board
  • Four skinny popsicle sticks
  • Scissors
  • craft knife
  • Glue stick
  • Glue gun
DIY Peekaboo Cat Puppet


1. Print out the template.  With a glue stick glue the template onto to the bristle board. Cut out the cat’s body and its arms.

DIY Peekaboo Cat Puppet

2. Use a craft knife to cut the two little arm slits in the cat’s body. Be careful to protect your surface underneath.

DIY Peekaboo Cat Puppet

3.  Feed the arms through the holes paws facing forward adjust until paws are covering the cat’s eyes.  Make sure that Peekaboo Cats heart-shaped paw pads will touch the cat’s face when raised. Turn the cat over facing down on the table.  Next, apply hot glue down the exposed length of the back of the two arms than press popsicle sticks onto the glue.

4. Use the glue gun to glue the top half of the popsicle stick to the bottom back of the cat’s body. This is the stick that you’ll hold to control the body.

5. Use the glue gun to glue another popsicle stick sideways across the bottom of both arm sticks ends connecting them together.

DIY Peekaboo Cat Puppet

You’re done! To perform your puppet, hold a popsicle stick in each hand. Use one stick to hold the body upright. When you hold the other stick upright too, the cat covers its eyes with its paws. But when you tilt the stick up and out, the paws come down. Peekaboo!

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Grant Harding is a puppeteer with a degree in biology and a passion for education and the environment. Follow Grant on Twitter, or check out his website.


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