Frozen Dinosaur Ice Eggs

Frozen Dinosaur Ice Eggs

These super simple frozen dinosaur ice eggs are perfect for playing paleontologist! They are easy to make, and children will love helping the ice melt by dripping warm water onto the ice egg, and watching the dinosaur inside slowly reveal itself. Real paleontologists have also made dinosaur discoveries that have been trapped in ice and glaciers. Remind your little ones that paleontologists have to be very careful with their discoveries, so treat the ice eggs with care!

Things You Need:

Frozen Dinosaur Ice Eggs
  • Small toy dinosaurs
  • Balloons
  • Water
  • Food colouring *optional


1. Place a small toy dinosaur inside each balloon by stretching the balloon around the dinosaur shape.

Frozen Dinosaur Ice Eggs

2. Once the dinosaur is inside blow into the balloon enough for the dinosaur to float freely into place.

3. Stretch the mouth of the balloon around a faucet, and carefully fill the balloon with water. Release any air from the balloon before tying to avoid any air bubbles. Tie a knot at the base the balloon opening to help keep a nice round egg shape.

Frozen Dinosaur Ice Eggs

4. Place the balloon into the freezer and let them freeze overnight.

5. Once frozen remove the latex balloon from the frozen egg shape with scissors.

Frozen Dinosaur Ice Eggs

Now your ready to play paleontologist! Be careful with your ice eggs, you never know what might be inside waiting to be discovered. You can drop warm water onto the ice egg with eye droppers to help the ice egg melt and reveal the dinosaur inside, or ask your child if they can think of other ways to get the ice to melt. Maybe use a hair dryer, or hold the ice egg in your hands. Soon the dinosaurs will be free from the ice, and will be ready to be identified and studied!

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