Halloween Topics – Parts of the Body

Skeleton Dance

Doing The Skeleton Dance

The Skeleton Dance is a fun and danceable way to work on learning parts of the body. No “teaching” necessary. Just put the song on and go! It’s a great addition to Head Shoulders Knees And Toes, because it adds even more body parts like foot, leg, hip, and neck. You’ll work your way up the body and there’s a couple of dance steps that are sure to make kids giggle.

Classroom Activity – The Freeze Dance

Play The Skeleton Dance video or song, and sing and dance along. It’s really easy to follow. At some point during the song, stop the music. When the music stops, the kids should stop moving and freeze. Point to your knee and ask “What’s this?” After they answer correctly, start the music again. Continue dancing, freezing, and naming parts of the body.

Try the Freeze Dance at your Halloween Party!

Shake Your Hands to the Left

You can also use this song to work on left and right, concepts that can be a little tricky for kids to understand. Remember that when facing your students, your right is their left, and your left is their right! Use the video to help practice this one. If you get confused, it helps if you turn around and face the same direction as the kids.

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle

How about making some masks or costumes to dress up before singing? This song works well at parent performances too. Check out these cute and easy costume ideas from MILK English in South Korea.

Follow it all up with some simple skeleton worksheets, and you’ve got parts of the body and left/right covered!

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