Learn the Months

The Months Chant

Learning the months needs lots of repetition, so be sure to practice them often. In addition to watching The Months Chant video, here are some activity ideas for the home or classroom.

Jump the Months

Type and print a flashcard for each month. Include a picture that represents something that happens during that month, for example a holiday, celebration or a change in the season. If possible, laminate them so they will last longer. Spread the flashcards on the floor and have students help you put them in the correct order. Next, stand in a line next to January and jump to February, March, etc. Listen to The Months Chant and jump to each month in order.

Next, mix up the cards so that students have to jump back and forth to the next month.
If you have a large class, have two students come to the front of the class to jump while the other students help them.

Months Clapping Game

This game works great for 2 to 6 students, if your class is larger than that, split them into smaller groups. Have students sit in a circle. Each student puts their left hand palm up and their right hand palm down resting on the hand of the student next to them. Start by saying “January” and clapping the hand of the student to your right. That student will say the next month as they clap the hand of the student next to them. Continue around the circle saying all of the months of the year in order. Repeat several times.

To add some challenge to the game, every time a student says “December”, the next student should try to move their hand before it can be clapped. If the student moves their hand before the student who said “December” can clap it, the student who said “December” is out and the circle gets smaller. Start from January again. If the student who says “December” is able to clap the hand of the next student, that next student is out.  Keep playing until there is only one student left.

You can use this quick and easy game to practice any sequential vocabulary such as the letters of the alphabet, days of the week and counting.

Make a Calendar

What better way to practice the months than to make a calendar of the upcoming year? Include special events, holidays and birthdays for each month. When is the last day of school? The first day? How about the 100th day of school? You can have students draw pictures to represent things that happen during each month. Hang it on the wall and use it to talk about the days, months and holidays.

Do you have other teaching ideas for learning the months of the year? Share them below in the comments!

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