Handprint Cows

Handprint Cows

Looking for some indoor activities to keep the kids entertained over the holiday break? We’ve got you covered! Today we’re making handprint cows. Hopefully, you have all these materials around home and are ready to get creative! Remember, no two cows look the same!

Handprint Cows


  • craft paint-pink , white and black
  • google eyes
  • coloured construction paper
  • paint brush for each colour
  • glue stick

Step 1

  • With a brush paint full hand white. With a separate brush paint black spots for the body and tips of fingers for hoofs.
  • Paint tip of thumb pink for the nose.
Handprint Cows

Step 2

  • Press hand firmly down with the other hand to have full contact with the sheet of paper.
  • Lift your hand off to reveal. 
  • With black paint, you could do touch-ups to clear up shapes if they appear too smudged.
  • Widen the pink nose by making it an oval shape. Draw a tail and face and ears with white paint.
  • Add 2 black dots for the nostrils.   

Step 3

  • Let Dry and glue on the eyes. 

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