Have a Super Simple Halloween Party

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One way your school can celebrate Halloween is by having a Halloween Party. This is a great activity that can build a lot of excitement for the kids. Invite them to dress in costume and get together for a couple of hours of Halloween games, activities, songs, crafts and trick or treating. You can have your party during regular class time, or plan it for a weekend and invite parents to join in the fun. Kids and parents look forward to it year round. Teachers do too!!

A Halloween Party takes a little bit of planning, but it’s worth the effort. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Hello, My Friends is a great way to kick off your Halloween Party!

Halloween Games and Activities

We have our party in a carnival style with different stations that the kids visit. This allows the most number of kids to participate at any one time. You can easily adapt your favorite classroom games to have a Halloween theme. Games are a great time to throw in a little English language practice as well.

Crafts are another fun activity. Students can make something simple like gluing the legs onto a spider, a tissue ghost, or practice emotions with a jack-o’-lantern. Add a separate station along with the game booths. Be sure to write names on the craft so they can take it home with them.

Party Decorations

Halloween party decorations can be simple and easy. A few balloons and streamers will transform almost any space. You can also use crafts that kids have been making throughout the Halloween season to add an extra special touch to the room. You might want to make some larger decorations or scenery using painted cardboard scenes.

Great Photo Opportunities

Halloween is the perfect time to take lots of photos and videos of your students. Make emotion faces in class. Dress up with craft masks and headbands. And of course, don’t forget to take plenty of pictures in costume. The kids will love seeing how great they look dressed up.

trick or treating

Halloween Program

Halloween is a great time to have a program to show off your student’s English skills to the parents. Several of Super Simple’s Halloween songs make great performance pieces. Have the kids stand at the front of the room or on a stage and play the song. You can be as elaborate as you like. Some schools have matching costumes and even make scenery.

Some of our favorite performance songs: The Skeleton Dance, Knock Knock, Trick or Treat? and Five Creepy Spiders. Don’t forget Hello, My Friends and Goodbye, My Friends to start and end the festivities.

Check out this performance of The Skeleton Dance from Spain.

Trick or Treat?

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without trick or treating! You can ask the students to each bring a bag of candy to share, or buy a some in bulk so that you have enough for several pieces for each student. If you don’t have enough doors to go around, make some smaller ones out of cardboard and have the students knock and say “Trick or Treat?” You can even ask them a question or two before handing out candy to put in their bags. This is one of the highlights of the day!

Let us know how your Halloween Party goes this year. Send us a video and we’ll post it online. Have a tip or trick to share? Put it in the comments below.

Happy Halloween!

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