Jolly Santa Craft

Santa Craft

Ho ho ho! It’s Christmas time, and this year Santa can come early in the form of this Jolly Santa craft! This craft is easy enough for young children with a little assistance and is made with simple supplies you probably already have at home. It’s the perfect way to spend time inside when it’s too chilly outside, and to decorate your home! Christmas cheer all around!


  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Large & small bottle cap to trace circles
  • Paper plate
  • Skin tone craft paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Red, white and pink construction paper
  • Small red or pink pom pom for a  nose 
Santa Craft


1. Cut a third off of a paper plate. Use the smaller piece of the paper plate to cut out a moustache shape.

santa craft

2. Paint the inner part of the paper plate a skin tone colour.   

santa craft

3. Make the hat! With a piece of red construction paper, line up the bottom of the paper to the flat edge of the plate. Find the centre of the top width of paper, and draw lines connecting to the corners of the plate to form a triangle. For the white trim at the base of the hat, cut a large rectangle strip of white construction paper and round off the corners. Trace the large bottle cap to make a circle, and cut it out for the pom pom at the end of his hat.

santa craft

4. To glue the hat trim, glue half on the hat and half on the plate holding the two together.  Fold the top tip of the hat to one side and glue the pom pom into place.  Glue eyes, nose and moustache into place

santa craft

5. Trace and cut out 3 circles of the same size, 2 pink for cheeks and one red for the mouth. Glue the cheeks and mouth into place – the mouth slides under the moustache, so only part of the mouth is visible.

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